How to Edit QuickTime Videos Online

If you want to edit QuickTime videos without downloading software, you’ll need an online editor. Just like Apple, the online editor called Kapwing is obsessed with simplicity. Editing is as easy as it is on Mac, but allows you to add text, images, transitions and much more. Learn how.

How to Edit QuickTime Videos Online

When QuickTime was created, it allowed all Apple users to create and publish videos directly from their device. Nowadays, QuickTime is an integral part of digital media as we know it. What sets this file apart is that it’s specifically designed to be edited on a Mac. However, the QuickTime player only offers the basic editing tools like trim and rotate.

When you record a screencast or movie in Quicktime on a Mac, it will be saved as a Quicktime file or .MOV. When you record audio in Quicktime, it will be saved as a Apple MPEG-4 audio file, or an .M4A. Both .MOV and M4a files are not easy to edit and share as the universal MP4 file format is. Twitter, for example, doesn't allow you to upload .MOV files.

New Quicktime Recording on a Mac

I recommend using an online editor to edit QuickTime videos and convert them to MP4s. Kapwing's Studio allows people to trim, crop, convert, loop, and montage quicktime recordings or explore more sophisticated editing techniques like add overlays, animations, and transitions.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you everything you need to start editing your QuickTime video with Kapwing. Edit your .MOV or .M4a videos with these steps:

  1. Upload Your Content
  2. Use The Editing Tools
  3. Add Text and Images
  4. Download Your Project

1. Upload Your QuickTime Videos

First, open the Kapwing Studio and Click "Upload" to find your .mov files from your device. Or you can drag and drop the file.

Also, you can paste a link in the box below. Next, click ‘Scenes’ from the top tab so you can upload other QuickTime videos or clips for the project.

In Scenes, you can add blank slides that work great for adding text. We’ll talk more about text later in this tutorial.

If you want to add music, just click the ‘Audio’ tab from the top of the Studio and upload your song or paste in the link. You can trim the audio, adjust the volume or create a loop right inside the menu. Read this article about adding background music to learn more.

2. Use The Editing Tools

Now let's dig into the editing features. Get started with the basic tools like trim, adjust and crop.

The trim tool works by sliding the handles or adding the exact time you want the video to start and end. Also, you can make cuts from within the footage using the ‘Add Cut’ button. The adjust tool gives you control over the look so you can display the exact aesthetic you want. Last, the crop tool gives you preset aspect ratios for each social platform so your message fits right in.

If the basics aren’t enough, Kapwing provides more advanced tools to customize your QuickTime video. These include rounded corners, changing the speed, outline color, rotation and animation.

The animation effects act like transitions if you have multiple clips running together. Experiment with the advanced tool to figure out what works for your video.

3. Add Text and Images

Text is a great way to reinforce the message or to add context. To start, click ‘Text’ from the top left and type your message. Customize the format, font and animations with the right side menu.

When you add text, you may not want it to last for the full video. Solve this by opening the ‘Timeline’ from the top and adjusting the duration of your text overlay. Make sure to select the text box and slide the edges to show the text at the right time. If you get stuck, watch this video about how to use the timeline.

Adding images is a great way to increase visual interest. Start by clicking ‘Images’ from the top and upload your own or search Kapwing’s image library or other projects. Like the video and text, you can edit your images using the right side menu.

4. Download Your Project

Once your video is complete, click ‘Settings’ from the top right to choose the video quality. When that’s set, click ‘Export Video’ and wait for processing. Finally, you can download your QuickTime videos as a MP4 file (doesn't affect your video) and share with your audience!

Your new video has everything it needs to grab attention and deliver a compelling message your audience will surely appreciate. All done with the simplicity of a Mac, just created online with Kapwing!

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