2020 is one of the most challenging years on record and there's a new Instagram challenge that perfectly captures its chaotic energy. The 2020 Challenge was started by actress Reese Witherspoon, who posted a grid of nine photos representing her moods from January to September of 2020 on Instagram.

The Reese Witherspoon post that started the 2020 challenge

Celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Cara Delevingne, Kerry Washington, and many others immediately jumped on the trend with their own challenge posts as the 2020 challenge continues to take social media by storm.

Examples of the trend from Instagram

Creating your own 2020 challenge post for this trend is much easier and faster with a template. The 2020 Challenge template features a 3x3 grid with the months already labeled. All you have to do is insert a photo representing each month's mood. This template is free, online, and enables you to make edits to fit your aesthetic within Kapwing Studio.

Here's how to participate in the 2020 Challenge using a customizable template:

  1. Open the 2020 Challenge template
  2. Add your own photos
  3. Download & share

1. Open the 2020 Challenge template

To get started, click "Make It" below to open the template and start creating! This template is already formatted in a grid with the months labeled and empty placeholders for your photos.


2. Add your own photos

Click "Replace" on each of the nine squares to insert your own photo for each month in the challenge. You can upload a file from your device or copy and paste a link. Alternatively,  you can search the internet for an image by clicking the "Image Search" tab and typing in what kind of photo you want.

To adjust what area of the photo is visible, click "Crop" on the right side while the photo is selected, and drag the corners to specify the area of the photo you want.

Crop your image if needed

Here are some suggestions for other edits you may want to make:

  • Add borders between the images. To do this - select each image and choose a color in the "Outline" box on the right side. Adjust how heavy the lines are using the '+' and '-' buttons.
Add borders using the "Outline" options

  • Style text – When you click on a text box, a whole world of options is revealed on the right panel. Change the font, size, outline color, and background color of the text to fit your needs.

Click each text box to view styling options

  • Add GIFs or videos – The Kapwing editor can handle GIFs and videos in addition to images. To upload either of these file types, click "Upload" and select a file from your device or paste a link to content from TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or somewhere else. You can also search for GIFs in the "Images" tab by including the word "GIF" at the end of your query.

Search for GIFs in the "Images" tab

3. Download & share

Once you're happy with how your 2020 Challenge post looks, click the red "Export Image" button in the corner. If you used GIFs, make sure to first click "Settings", then select GIF as the output file before exporting. After your content processes, click "Download" to save the file to your device or select the appropriate social media icon to post straight to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Download your file or upload directly to social media

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