Over the past few days, "What (blank) Are You" accounts on Instagram have become massively popular as a fun way to engage a large number of people. The premise is actually really simple: an account is made with a name like "What SpongeBob Meme Are You?" and the owner posts a different meme for each name they come up with. They can start alphabetically ("Aaron, Abbie, Adam"), by popularity ("Liam, Emma, Olivia"), or, most often, by request. When someone's name pops up, they can share their specific meme with anyone, or make their own!

The coolest part of these Instagram accounts is that anyone can make their own. There are SO many different groups of things that can be funny or entertaining, so you can probably find your own niche and run with it. But even if you have the best idea and have created your account, you'll need to be able to produce possibly hundreds of custom, distinctive memes quickly and easily – there are a TON of names out there, and the more you make, the more people will get from your account.

I recommend using Kapwing to make large numbers of custom memes with distinctive text styles, GIF support, and resizing options for every name you can think of. Here's what you'll need to do:

  1. Make your "What (blank) Are You?" Instagram account
  2. Find a new picture for each post
  3. Add a different name for each one
  4. Process, download, & share your picture

Step 1: Make your "What (blank) Are You?" Instagram account

This might be the hardest part – actually coming up with your "What (blank) Are You?" theme. Try to use something that no one has used yet. An under-appreciated type of meme, a favorite celebrity with tons of great photos, a type of animal, a TV show with a ton of characters. I made one for individual LEGO pieces, because I think that's hilarious, for some reason.

Step 2: Find a new picture for each post

Once you've come up with your specific Instagram account theme, it's a good idea to stockpile a bunch of pictures and ideas to start out with. You can start with Google Images, but if you want to keep you photos in the same place where you add your names, you can go to Kapwing.com, click "Start Editing," and compile your images in the Kapwing Studio.

When you're in the Studio, the easiest way to find and import pictures is to click "Images" in the top toolbar and do a Google Image search while you're in the Studio. Select any image result and it will immediately upload to the Studio. Here, you can remove parts of the picture (like added text if it's a meme), resize it for Instagram (between 1:1 and 9:16), and make any additional edits you need.

Step 3: Add a different name for each one

Here's the main part of the "What (blank) Are You?" Instagram accounts: the names that are added to each post. Using Kapwing, you can churn these pictures out with less than a minute of work for each one.

Once your image is in the Studio, just click "Text" in the upper toolbar to add a custom text box. Here, add the name you want to use for the picture and resize & position it on the canvas. Using the text editing options on the right-hand toolbar (or in the "Edit Layer" menu on mobile), you can change your names' font, style, outline, background, color, and even animation!

Step 4: Process, download, & share your picture

Once your picture is ready and your name looks the way you want, hit the red "Publish" button in the upper right corner of the Studio. Kapwing will process your picture in just a couple seconds and you'll be ready to download it.

When it's ready, just click the "Download" button and the picture will be saved to your device. Once it's saved, it's super easy to post it on Instagram – using Kapwing you can make dozens of these name posts per day.

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