Maybe TikTok taking on LinkedIn wasn’t on your 2021 bingo card, but neither was… anything else that has happened so far. If the ocean is on fire, you might as well be able to start your dream career with a TikTok video.

A screenshot showing many job listings in the TikTok Resumes pilot program.

Frankly, I think it’s an amazing idea. The current standards for the job application aren’t providing the best experience for either the people applying or the people hiring. At Kapwing we firmly believe that video content will only become more relevant to all the ways people tell their stories and present themselves online. This new recruiting channel proves just that: dozens of huge, popular brands are taking a risk to appeal to younger talent, even if it means using the no-rules landscape of TikTok.


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I’ll tell you everything you need to know about TikTok resumes, from the jobs you can apply for to the kinds of information you should be sure to include in your video resumes.

  1. What kinds of jobs are hiring on TikTok?
  2. What are the rules for TikTok resumes?
  3. How do I submit my TikTok resume?
  4. What should I put in my TikTok resume?
  5. How should I make my TikTok resume?

1. What kinds of jobs are hiring on TikTok?

The types of jobs offered in TikTok’s current Resumes launch are wildly varied: you can apply for any job from a standard restaurant worker at Chipotle to Associate Creative Director at attn: or Senior Data Scientist at Shopify.

Screenshots featuring TikTok job postings fro ATTN:, NBA, Shopify, and Target.

To see all the jobs taking TikTok Resume applications right now, check out the full job listings pages of each company listed by TikTok in their pilot program. Some are hiring for dozens of positions, while others are looking to fill just one slot. Find a company and role that fits you, and read up on what they’re looking for in an applicant.

2. What Are the Rules for TikTok Resumes?

An overview of the rules for TikTok Resumes.

There are very few rules for what you can submit as a TikTok resume – the idea of TikTok’s experiment seems to be to foster pure creativity. The only requirements are to use the hashtag #TikTokResumes in your resume video description and make sure you submit your TikTok application by the end of July 2021. The initial pilot program is limited to US job postings only, but some remote positions may be available to international applicants.

A screenshot of the top TikTok Resumes videos on TikTok.

Even though nothing is off limits for TikTok resumes, there are a lot of sources you can use for guidance. TikTok has provided some top-tier examples for everyone interested in applying with a TikTok resume so you can see what types of content they think are likely to work best. You can also search through the #TikTokResumes hashtag to find top examples for inspiration.

3. How Do I Submit My TikTok Resume?

A screenshot showing how to submit a TikTok Resume.

TikTok resumes aren’t just a fun & fresh way to apply for your dream position – they also make the process extremely simple. When you find a job you want to apply for in the TikTok Resumes listings, click on the job title and read through the description. At the bottom of the screen, agree to the TikTok Resumes agreement and privacy policy, then click “Submit Your TikTok Resume.”

A screenshot showing how to apply for a job using a TikTok Resume.

You’ll see a menu where you need to input your name, email, and TikTok resume link (DON’T paste the link to your entire TikTok profile). You should also add your LinkedIn profile, since you can only fit so much of your experience in a TikTok resume, but it’s not absolutely required. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’re in the running for the position!

4. What Should I Put In My TikTok Resume?

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Your TikTok resume should NOT just be a substitute for a traditional resume. It should contain a whole lot more of your personality, and some visual or hands-on demonstrations of your strengths. If you’re applying to be a video editor, show off some of your process! If you’re a designer, give a sneak peek of your portfolio! And for all positions, don’t be afraid to tell a joke, be a little quirky, and mention the things that make you you.


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Make sure to include the most important parts of your professional experience and skills, but inject a bit of flair and personal storytelling. On a traditional resume, you might mention that you tripled your company’s monthly traffic by concentrating on email marketing – in your TikTok resume, you can give the same information while also showing the graphics you produced for your email campaigns, flexing your Canva and InDesign skills at the same time.

5. How Should I Make My TikTok Resume?

Your TikTok resume should feel like the best representation of your professional skills, experience, and personality. Since the stakes are a lot higher than they are for most of your TikToks, it might be a good idea to record and edit it mostly outside of TikTok, where you can take as much time and use as many editing tools as you want.

A screenshot of a TikTok resume with captions, text, and background music.

You can make your TikTok resume however you like, but there are some good guidelines to follow:

  1. Always add captions for everything you say for accessibility and professionalism.
  2. Background music can take your resume to the next level, but you should make sure it doesn’t distract from the rest of your video. Since most TikTok sounds are meant to attract a lot of attention, I recommend finding your ideal background music and adding it yourself in another app.
  3. Put your most important points in text. It’s hard to remember everything you hear when watching a TikTok, so if you want recruiters to focus on specific parts of your resume, make sure to highlight them in text while you speak.

For some extra editing power, I recommend using Kapwing, a free online video editor that works on any device. Upload your video clips to the Kapwing Studio in your browser, where you can add custom subtitles, text, music, filters, cuts, transitions, and overlays.

A screenshot showing the editing options for TikTok videos in the Kapwing Studio.

Kapwing’s most useful feature for TikTok resumes may be the ease with which you can upload music from online sources like YouTube or SoundCloud, especially since TikTok’s new 3 minute video limit only allows you to use royalty-free music or original sound, rather than the most popular TikTok songs.

Good luck finding your dream job on TikTok! I hope they continue the TikTok resumes program for years to come, but you should take advantage of this July opportunity while you can. For more news and tutorials on creating great video content in 2021, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel or take a look at some related articles on TikTok:

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