How to Send a Direct Message on TikTok

What TikTok trend has you scrolling through videos late at night? Quickly share your favorite moments with friends using a direct message.

How to Send a Direct Message on TikTok

What scroll-stopping TikTok trend has your eyes glued to the phone? Spread the word by sending a TikTok message.

TikTok released the top 100 moments from 2020, including trends, special effects, and creators. Green screens transported creators to a dream destination, and video replies built better connections with followers. Creators voiced their funny pet peeves with the "you have to" trend that had us collectively nodding our heads. For example, Nev Schulman gave a dose of reality on getting catfished. Did your favorite moment make the cut?

Whether your favorite video or creator made the top 100 or not, you can still share them with friends. In this article, I’m showing you how to send a direct message on TikTok.

The first step to a TikTok message is to enable the direct messaging feature. Tap the Three Dots in the top right corner then tap Privacy.

Scroll down to the section that reads, who can send you direct messages. The available options are everyone, friends (followers that follow you back) and, no one. You'll only be able to send direct messages to TikTok account that follow you as well.

Now you're all set to send a TikTok message! Currently, TikTok only allows users to send GIFs and emojis. You can also pin your favorite messages to the top. Open the direct message, click the three dots at the top, then click Pin to Top.  

If you want to share a video, tap Share, then tap a profile to write a message, then tap Send.

There are a few things to consider if you run into trouble. TikTok is committed to improving its safety, so only those over 16 can send and receive direct messages. The app also requires a valid phone number even if you registered with an email to ensure account authenticity.

Currently, the only alternative to using a personal phone number is to get a secondary one (trust me I checked). If you ever receive unsolicited verification codes, don't click any links in the message and consider changing your login information.

Click the three dots at the top right corner, then tap Manage Account. After you tap Phone Number and enter your number, you'll receive a verification code to activate the account.

You should be all set to send a TikTok message. If you but there's one more thing...

Let's say you want to download a TikTok to send off the app, but the download feature is disabled. This is where an online video editor like Kapwing comes in hand. Copy and paste the link into Kapwing Studio, then hit export to process and download the TikTok.

I hope this article helped you enable and send a direct message on TikTok. For more content, make sure to subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp. Make sure to tag us on social media so we can see what you make!

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