The "Happy Birthday!" text message is old. It's tired. And the email is even worse. Phone calls are great, but sometimes people d0n't have the time during the day to carry on a conversation. Memes, however, can be the perfect birthday messages. They're meant to be quick, funny, creative, and quirky – today I'll help you make your own!

Some people are lucky, and their birthdays are memes themselves. Anyone born on October 3rd is blessed with a lifelong connection to Mean Girls Day. I’m lucky myself: Green Day can sing “Wake Me Up When September Ends” for my birthday. And, of course, anyone born on May 1st (or even April 30) can be serenaded by a magnificently frosted-tipped Justin Timberlake:

But what about everyone else? Everyone deserves a perfectly tailored birthday meme, so I’m going to go through a bunch of birthday-themed memes to send to your friends. Or you can even send them to yourself – after all, “me” + “me” = meme!

General Birthday Memes:

Adapting a popular meme for the occasion can be a great way to celebrate! It's best to know which types of memes your recipient likes most. For inspiration, take a look at what memes they've shared on Twitter, what Facebook groups they're in, what meme accounts they follow on Instagram, etc. Here are a couple examples:


Age-Specific Memes:

A good way to make your birthday meme more distinctive is to choose one that's specifically tailored for certain ages. Some ages are easy, like 22:


For others, you'll need to adapt:


Getting Old Memes:

Birthdays are reminders that we're getting older, so it can be nice to sympathize with the aging process. There are, of course, certain age periods to avoid when doing this, but sending memes like these is a surefire way to make people laugh if they're, say, under 30 or over 65! But maybe you should avoid using them for everything in between...

The "Feel old yet?" meme is a great one to use:


This meme can be the perfect blend of nostalgia and humor – just swap out the name and pictures!

Or you can commiserate with the feeling of getting older:


Troll Them:

Memes are a great way to lightly poke fun at people you know well. And when most birthday messages are pretty much the same, trolling someone on their birthday can be a good way to make them laugh.

For instance, you can pretend you forgot about their birthday by sending a meme celebrating the day of the week:


Or troll and teach by celebrating a random holiday! Just go to a site like, find an obscure celebration, and pretend that it's more important than your friend's birthday:


Even better, wish a happy birthday to a celebrity born on the same day. A site like lists all notable birthdays, so you can show that you care more about, say, T-Pain than you care about your friend:


Some Notes on Birthday Memes:

It can be hard to make any virtual birthday message seem genuine and thoughtful, so try to make your meme as specific as possible! A simple "Happy Birthday" meme is fine, but it's always better if it can say more!

Always do your best to send your happy birthday meme as early as possible on the person’s birthday – if you don’t want to stay up until midnight the night before, try to send it first thing in the morning! And if you’re using email, it’s easy to schedule the time you want it to send. This is a good way to show that someone’s birthday is important to you, and you dedicated some thought to the occasion.

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Bonus: Instead of making a meme, you could also try making a birthday montage with pictures and music. Here's a cute slideshow video that a mom made for her baby on his 2nd birthday.