Memes are everywhere! Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are full of dank images (and sometimes videos) with text captions that are passed around among friends, family, and on social media. A friend I know who runs a popular social media account said he spends 9 hours on Instagram — WOW memes are eating people’s lives.

If you want to be a popular meme creator, you have to stay current and create original content rather than just reposting other’s content. Keep your ear to the ground (pop culture, trending formats) when thinking about creating memes because you’ll have to move quickly before they die.

Kapwing is the web’s most popular video meme maker. Tens of thousands of people use Kapwing every day to make and share digital media for free. Kapwing has a library of blank meme templates and also has a Studio for creating custom blank memes. This article will show you how to find and create blank memes.

Create Blank Memes

Create your own blank meme template using the free meme maker. Click “Get Started” from the Meme Maker homepage and Start with a Blank Canvas to get a standard square for Instagram.

If you would prefer a different size, click Resize in the bottom panel to change the frame size. Youcan select your background color by clicking Background.

Screenshot of blank meme in the [Studio](


If you have a photo or video in mind as the basis of the blank meme, you can upload it by clicking Upload. Kapwing supports pictures, GIFs, and videos, so meme makers can add any media they like. You can also use the “Images” tool to search for popular meme images, stickers, and GIFs.  In this example, I searched for a hotdog sticker.

Kapwing also has the ability to insert a “Placeholder” or a replaceable shape where anyone else can drop in their own image or video. Placeholders are ideal for sharing your template on meme economy or sending a reusable template to a friend or colleague. Click “More” and “Create Placeholder” to put a placeholder for an image or video. Add as many images, videos, or placeholders as you want to your canvas.

Add text to your meme by clicking “Add Text.” If you want to leave it blank you can just write “Your text here.” You can select your font and place your text anywhere in the canvas.

The “Timeline” feature makes text appear and disappear over the video at specific times. You can also add picturessound effects or music to your meme.

Finishing your Blank Meme

When you are happy with the contents of your meme, click Done. When your meme loads , it will take you to the final page. If you’re signed in, the video or image meme will show up in your Kapwing account, and you can edit it to add content at any time. Save the URL to access it again if you don’t have an account.

Make your own Memes from Blank Memes

Kapwing also has a bank of blank meme templates you can use to create your own memes. Choose the meme you want, see it’s description, and click Make It to fill in your own content.

We hope you enjoy the endless possibilities of blank memes. Tag us on social media @kapwingapp to share your work with us!