Best Meme Maker for Instagram (2019)

In this article, I’ll describe how to make memes for Instagram using a free online tool called Kapwing. I’ll also explain why I think that Kapwing is the best meme maker for Instagram and show you some of what it can do.

Best Meme Maker for Instagram (2019)

It’s 2019, and memes are EVERYWHERE on Instagram. Some of the dankest, most prolific meme accounts have tens of millions of followers, and many popular accounts are run by people in high school and college. But if you’re starting a new meme channel or growing your channel, you need a meme maker tool to help you make memes quickly.

In this article, I’ll describe how to make memes for Instagram using a free online tool called Kapwing. I’ll also explain why I think that Kapwing is the best meme maker for Instagram and show you some of what it can do.

Classic Memes

Classic memes have an image, GIF, or video with text embedded into it. First, go to Kapwing’s Meme Generator and upload your picture or video. Then, use the “Add Text” tool to insert text on top of it. You drag and drop the text where you want it to go, give it a color, outline, and font, resize it, and burn the text directly into your MP4 or PNG.

Made with the Dogs Carrying a Banner template

Unlike Imgur, Kapwing lets you put the text anywhere on the canvas so that you can label parts of the image. With thousands of free fonts, this tool gives you more control over what the output meme will look like. You can add as many text boxes as you like.

If you’re meming a video, you can use the “Text Animations” and “Timeline” to make the text appear and disappear at certain times. I’ve used moving text for labeling moving objects, like this jumping baby goat meme.

Once you click the “Publish” button, your meme will be processed. You can download the image or video or you can share the short URL directly on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, or any other meme website. Every Kapwing meme is also a reusable template since anyone can click “Edit” and make their own meme using the same assets.

Resize for Square

Anytime that you have an absurd, meme-worthy photo or video, you need to put it on a square canvas to publish it to Instagram. Kapwing lets you make it square, resize, and add a border around your image, video or GIF.

If you have a video you shot on Snapchat or your phone, you can size it to fit it on a square (or 4:5 canvas). You can also resize multiple photos and images with different aspect ratios so they can be posted in the same album.

Adding Caption Above a Video or Image

In the last five years, memes with the caption above or below the picture has become a much more popular meme format. This format doesn’t block the subjects in the image, so your audience can still enjoy the content without distracting labels getting in the way. Kapwing’s Studio is the fastest and easiest way to make this sort of meme content. You can size your canvas for square or for your Instagram Story, upload a picture, and add a caption above it.

Above made with the Greta Thunberg meme maker

Kapwing’s editor supports text, images, videos, GIFs, and more. Videos are exported as MP4s by default, but there’s an ‘Export as GIF’ option in settings.

Changing Music

Add voiceover commentary, switch up the music, inserting Smash Bros theme songs and sound effects: Kapwing’s Add Music to Video tool helps creators with all of these meme-worthy audio remixing. Kapwing’s Meme Maker Studio lets creators set the start time of a soundtrack for a dank breakpoint and import music directly from YouTube.

The Alexandria Cortez Dancing Meme

Audio memes have become more popular in 2018 and 2019. The super smash bros theme song, YouTube rewind, Shooting Star, and Thotiana memes have all brought memers great material for creation, but they need a tool that lets them adjust the soundtrack quickly and easily.

GIFs and Very Short Clips

Instagram doesn’t support GIFs or videos shorter than 3 seconds long. But Kapwing can help you convert your Vine, cinemagraph, Giphy, Vlip, Snap, or any other short piece of media into a meme you can post on Instagram. Just convert your GIF to a video and/or loop a short video multiple times so that it’s longer than three seconds.

You can also use Kapwing’s Video Speed Changer to make your video longer. This expands your repertoire of memeable content.

Starter Packs

Starter pack memes are a collage of images, GIFs, screenshots, photos, logos, quotes, and other multimedia that represent a particular identity or subculture. Since Kapwing’s Studio lets users mix text, pictures, and animated stuff, it’s an excellent tool for making Starter Pack Memes. In the Studio, creators can search for images and logos with the “Images” tool, upload pictures, add a background, and arrange things relative to each other.

Templates and Inspiration

If you don’t know what meme you want to make or where to start, browse through Kapwing’s funny meme templates to find a funny concept you want to riff off of. The, you can replace the text, images, and captions to create your own meme. The latest meme template, for example, is this R. Kelly crying meme maker. Team Kapwing updates the templates regularly with memes by creators on the site, so it’s a good spot of find fresh memes before they die.

Another recent Kapwing meme template: elmo eyes bulging meme maker

About Kapwing

Kapwing is designed to be the best video editor for Instagram. It is a website, not an app, so you can use it on any device: your phone, computer, Chromebook, tablet, etc. It’s free to use, but there is a small Kapwing watermark in the corner of the output videos. You can pay a fee or subscribe to the Pro plan to have the watermarks removed from your videos.


Meme makers on Instagram have to be super scrappy content creators to grow a following. More and more, people want original content, not reposted memes that are dead on other platforms. Instead of browsing Reddit, browse Tumblr and your own photo gallery for meme content and add text to spice it up. Then, you can utilize memes for fun or to promote a business.

Kapwing’s Studio is a great tool for people that have an original meme idea but need to customize it and make a template to share with others. Thousands of meme makers use Kapwing every day, and it’s been named the “best meme website” by several bloggers. Check out our memes on sweaty.doggo, shishtorjames, abba.memes, simplysock, and much more with the hashtag #kapwing. We’re a small startup, so let us know what you think or if there’s ways to improve on Twitter, Instagram or over email. Thanks for reading!

Best meme maker for Instagram 2019