10 Ways to Say "Happy Mothers Day" to Your Mom in 2020: Ideas for Digital Cards

10 Ways to Say "Happy Mothers Day" to Your Mom in 2020: Ideas for Digital Cards

Mother’s Day 2020 is on Sunday May 10, just around the corner! How will you express your love and appreciation for mom this year? Digital cards and social media posts are a great way to say “I love you” and “Happy Mother’s Day” for your mom, grandmother, or spouse. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for the family to work together to show gratitude and for a brand to connect with mothers around the world.

If you’re a teacher, making Mother’s Day cards is an excellent way to introduce young students to digital media skills. Kapwing’s creative suite for editing multimedia collages and videos is simple enough that even young students can explore it themselves. Ask your students to bring in photos/videos or help them design an ecard using images they find on the web. Hopefully, this article can inspire your class with creative ideas for surprising their mom’s on Mother’s Day with a digital card.

In this article, I’ll give you 10 ideas that can inspire you to make your own ecards and digital media clips to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to your mom next next Sunday. Each idea also shows you how to make the media using a free online video editor called Kapwing.

***Dedication: ***This post is dedicated to my wonderful mother, Tucker Enthoven, and grandmother, Julie Ford. In this article, I’ve illustrated every example by making a version of me and my mom. She’s provided so much for me in the past and as we’ve built up Kapwing over the last couple of years!

Text on GIF

I made this stop-motion style GIF by combining pictures from a wedding earlier this spring. It works as an eCard for both my mom and my grandma this Mother’s Day!

1) ECard

Hallmark made the traditional Mother’s Day card for the corner store, but you can make a digital version to share with mom on social media, email, iMessage, or show her directly. To make a custom ecard layout for your mom, start by designing the digital eCard concept. Browse through jokes, quotes, and sayings, collect fun or beautiful photos with your mom, or think back to important moments you’ve had together.

Once you have a sketch or concept, head to the Kapwing Studio. You can add fun stickers, hearts, and shapes around the card to make the design more beautiful and interesting. Explore the text animation library or search for images and animated GIFs. You can combine multiple scenes together and export as an MP4 or GIF from the “Settings” tab.

You can also make an image using the Kapwing Studio or Google Slides and print it out to share with mom at home.

2) Ten year challenge

The #10YearChallenge meme went viral earlier last year, with millions of people posting side by side photos taken a decade apart on Facebook and Instagram. Bring back the 10 Year Challenge for Mother’s Day, showing how your relationship with your mom or grandma has developed over the years. Put two photos side by side or one on top of the other and add labels for the year.

I’m 26, so I made my Mothers Day #10YearChallenge post with a photo from when I was 16 in 2009 and a current photo from this year. Make sure the photos you pick show a similar pose, size, or positioning so that you can compare how you and your mom have changed (or not!).

3) Fill-in-the-blank Story Template

Instagram Story templates have been a trendy resource offered by designers and freelance social media managers. You can design your own layout for Mother’s Day or search on Pinterest, image Search, or your favorite blogs for Story template ideas.

Mothers Day Instagram Story Template

Then, head to the Kapwing Studio to design your own Instagram Story. Resize a blank canvas to 9:16, add text and shapes, then publish and share the PNG with others. You can draw directly onto the Story using Instagram’s native tools or add text using Kapwing.

4)Photo Slideshow in a Frame

Pick a series of photos that show off how amazing your mother is and make a video slideshow from the pictures. You can use the Kapwing video maker to combine photos and video clips of your mom into one continuous MP4. Then, add a border or frame around the photo for a beautiful design. Here are some example frames that I used:

In the above example, I used a frame from this Instagram Borders collection to make the slideshow look more formal.

In the above example, I used a colored background instead of a frame. Using the Timeline feature, I added text to the video and timed the text to the photos as they transition. Each word lasts about 1.5 seconds.

5) Make a Meme

Find a funny picture that symbolizes your relationship with your mom. Animal photos can be a great source of inspiration, or you can browse through meme template galleries for trending ideas. Once you have your own image or GIF, use a meme maker to create a custom meme. Your meme can be square or sized for a vertical surface like Snapchat or IG Stories.

I found this image of a lion mother protecting her young cub and copied it into the Kapwing studio. Then, I added writing above the image to complete the meme.


You can use this meme template with an angry lioness mother to make your own, if you like.

6) Quote

Remember that one thing your mom always said? Turn memorable quotes from mom into a beautiful graphic or text animation for Instagram.

People can use Kapwing’s Studio to design a quote video, image, GIF, or animation. Start with a blank square canvas and arrange shapes and colors to make a custom layout. Then, type the quote and arrange it in your design. Make sure to attribute and tag your mom as the speaker!

Kapwing also has a library of text animations you can use to spice up the quote design. In my quote video, I used the Timeline to make the second line Fade In after a short delay.

7) Slideshow Video

Collect all of the images and video clips you have of your mom and turn them into a video slideshow that shows your love for her. Video slideshows help you reminisce about shared memories and tell a story about your time spent together.

Head to the Video Studio to upload your photos and design the video scene by scene. In my video, I added a right-aligned purple text layer to every photo scene and used “Timeline” to make each scene 1 second. Then, I used the “Add Audio” tool to import background music from YouTube.

My mom has taken me on many adventures around the world, so I made a slideshow that says “Thank you for giving me the world.” Each scene has one word in a cursive font and a picture of her and I together in a different destination. The text is purple, our favorite color! Video slideshows are particularly fun to make if you’ve traveled or celebrated a special event together.

Thank you for giving me the world Mothers Day Video

8) Collage

Collages are a great way to show off a collection of your favorite photos or videos. You can arrange them on a square canvas for your Instagram feed or on a 9:16 canvas for an Instagram Story. Head to Kapwing’s Collage Maker to make a multimedia collage with text, images, GIFs, videos, stickers, and more.

If you don’t have photos with your mom, you can use symbols or pictures to represent memories or experiences that you’ve enjoyed together. Embed text to say “Happy Mother’s Day” or whatever caption you’d like!

9) Black and White

Removing the color and adding contrast can make a favorite video, photo, or GIF black and white more dramatic and memorable. Grayscale filters age a piece of media, giving it vintage flair.

Head to Kapwing’s Filter tool and upload your media. Then, select a black and white filter (either Moose or Grayscale) to preview what your output will look like.

After processing the black and white post, you can open it in the Studio to add text, GIF overlays, or a watermark before sharing it with your mom! Colored text labels look great on top of a black and white photo or video. In the below picture, I added a “World’s best mom” caption.

10) Video Montage

Get every sibling in the family to film a quick selfie video saying Happy Mother’s Day and why they love mom. Then, intermix the videos so that each sibling gets a chance to talk about why they love mom. I asked my brothers to film appreciation videos for my mom, then merged the videos together using Kapwing’s Video Maker.

You can use Kapwing’s video maker to trim and arrange the scenes then combine the clips together into one video. You can also resize the video to square or to a vertical size for IGTV. Here’s another video recently made on Kapwing to celebrate Mother’s Day


To all the wonderful mothers around the world, thank you so much for the important work you do to care for your children! I hope that this article inspires families all over the world to give a heartfelt “thank you” to their mothers and grandmothers on Mother’s Day. Whether you post your ecard on social media or text it to your mom, she’ll appreciate getting a digital message from you and having a momento she can look back on. Enjoy this Mother’s Day with your family.

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