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  1. Upload your video
    Upload a video directly to Kapwing using our easy UI. You can even paste a link! Kapwing supports MP4, AVI, MOV, and many other video formats.
  2. Choose a platform
    Choose the platform that you want the video dimensions to fit to. You can select from options like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Stories, and more.
  3. Resize and share!
    Our online video editor will crop your video so that it fits perfectly on the platform you selected.
Fit your video perfectly

Don't let your video get cut off   🚫✂️   This video resizer allows you to fit or crop your video to the right dimensions online.   🐱 You can zoom in and out of the video to correctly adjust the dimensions to fit your needs.

If you have a landscape video   🌆📹   that you'd like to post to your IG Story, use the Resizer to add padding and fit the whole video in the frame so that it doesn't crop awkwardly. #nocrop

You can also instantly crop your video to the perfect ratio for social media. Go forth and be happy!  😊

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