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Trim and cut video to the perfect length with Kapwing

Trim a video in just a few clicks

Trimming videos is the most fundamental building block of video editing. Creators need to trim longer clips to highlight the most important parts of their stories. When multiple clips are trimmed to the right places, they can be appended together to create a touching and memorable video.

When it comes to footage, often times less is more. The online video trimmer from Kapwing is the fastest way to cut a video to your desired duration. You can trim by dragging or by splitting your clip in the perfect sections. Cut video into sections, split clips and rearrange, and get the perfect section of your video exported in just a few clicks.

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How to Trim a Video Online

  1. Upload your video

    Upload a video directly to Kapwing using our easy UI. You can even paste a link to a video from Youtube, Tiktok, or other video source.

  2. Choose start and end times

    Cut and trim your video to the desired length using sliders. Use arrow keys to make sure the trimming times are perfect!

  3. Download and share

    Just hit Export, and your final output video will be produced. It's completely free to use and requires no downloading!

Trim Video

Trim a Video Online For Free

With the flexible Kapwing timeline, you can trim and cut clips whichever way is most intuitive for you. You can shorten the ends of the clip, or play to a desired section and cut the clip at that exact point. The Kapwing video trimmer supports all of these workflows, and much more.

Start by uploading your video file or pasting a link to the YouTube video. Then, use the sliders or the timeline to change the start and end time, make cuts, or shorten your video. You can split a layer into parts and remove the middle section from the video, or duplicate parts of the video to create a loop.

Once you Export the trimmed video, Kapwing will process the trims and give you a saveable MP4 version of the video clip. Preview the final video by pressing play and make any other edits you like (add a watermark, text, or subtitels for example). Then, download the MP4 file directly or share the URL with friends to send the trimmed part to someone else. You can also “Edit” the trim if you need to make timing adjustments.

This free, online tool is also the best way to cut Youtube videos. Paste the YouTube URL to import the full video into Kapwing, then use the sliders to cut the video to the new timestamp. Kapwing supports MP4, MOV, MP3, FLV, AVI, WEBM, and website links. Upload any file to trim or crop it inline.

Kapwing's Video Trimmer works for free with no watermark! Use it to trim on Windows, Mac, tablets, Chromebooks, iPhones, or Android phones. It's a free, simple alternative to ytCropper or a Photos app. Our goal is to give creators fast, accessible tools that make their lives easier. Hope that it helps you trim your videos with ease.

Watch our tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which video cutter is the best?
Kapwing is voted the internet's #1 free video editor where you can edit, trim, and cut your videos easily on any web browser all in one place without having to pay, sign in, or install any software. Compared to other video cutters, Kapwing’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create video cuts with its precise timeline slider and keyboard shortcuts.
What is the easiest way to trim a video?
The easiest way to trim a video is by using a video trimming tool. By using a video trimming tool, you’ll be able to shorten and cut out unnecessary parts of a video or reduce the video file size. There is a wide variety of tools you can use to trim a video, but usually you’d have to take extra steps to learn how to use the trimmer. Kapwing's Video Trimmer makes it easy to split, trim, and cut a video in seconds with its intuitive interface made by creators for creators.
How do I cut out a part of a video for free?
You can cut out a part of a video for free using Kapwing, an online video editor where you can use different video-editing tools like the Video Trimmer without having to pay. Kapwing is a trusted, browser-based solution to cutting parts of a video out for free without having to sign up or install any software.

What's different about Kapwing?

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Mary P.
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A brilliant content creation tool for social media that has a tonne of features available even in the free version. Kapwing is an incredible tool for social media content creation, be it GIF's, images, videos, it has a suite of tools to create awesome looking content in minutes.
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Kapwing is great for various reasons. There's a lot of features for both images and video, all of which are extremely easy to use. I also like that the Kapwing staff responds quickly to user feedback and input. If you create content, even using high end software, there's likely a reason for you to still use Kapwing for something.
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Rosa W.
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Kapwing is pure genius. It takes a number of small, easy video tasks, and makes them easier. No need to download software just to reverse or resize a video.
Millions of people every month choose Kapwing to create, edit, and share content across the internet. Kapwing is loved and trusted by employees of companies large and small.
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