Seen photos or videos of two things taken a decade apart? The 10 Year Challenge has officially become a meme. Teenagers, celebrities, and even brands have started participating, showing how their face, body, personality, or product have changed over time.

Started from trends like the #GlowUp and #HowHardDidAgingHitYou, the 10 Year Challenge is a social media trend where people publish two photos of themselves taken 10 years apart. The photos are placed side-by-side in one image frame. In this article, I’ll describe to you the easiest way to make a #10YearChallenge post for Instagram using a free, online tool called Kapwing.

Note: #10YearChallenge and #10YearsChallenge are synonyms on Instagram — the tags have a similar number of posts.

Step 0: Find your photos

You’ll need two photos for your 10 Year Challenge: a recent photo and one from a decade ago. Try to find photos that are solo shots (no other people in the picture) and that show you in similar proportions and settings. You don’t want, for example, a close up photo of your face and a farther away photo of your whole body.

Consider what particular part of you that you want to highlight in your image. Do you want to use headshots to emphasize how your hairstyle has changed, mirror selfies to demonstrate a transformation in your body, or a funny vs boring shot to showcase how your personality has changed (or stayed the same!)? I used Google Photos to search for old photos first, then found a recent photo to contrast it with.

Step 1: Open a Collage Maker

I recommend Kapwing’s Collage Maker because it’s free to use, supports any type of media (photos, videos, and GIFs), works on all devices, and has allows you to add text to your image. Open the Collage Maker and click “Get Started.”

You can also choose one of the first two collage templates or use this side-by-side collage template.

Step 2: Start with a blank, 1:1 canvas

To create your 10YearChallenge post, start with a blank canvas. Kapwing’s default size is 1:1, a great aspect ratio for Instagram or Facebook and Twitter.

Although most #10yearchallenge participants are using a 1:1 canvas, you can also choose to resize to a 5:4 canvas, giving your photos more horizontal space. Just use the “Resize” tool in the toolbar.

Step 3: Upload and Arrange Photos

Once you have a blank canvas, click the “Upload” button in the toolbar to import both of your 10YearChallenge photos. You can drag and drop the files on your computer or click to find them on your camera roll or computer.

Use the sliders to resize each photo to take up one half of the canvas. You can drag to make the phots full height and half width and position them side by side.

Try out different photos to get a pair that look similar and show how you’ve changed in 10 years. If you want to, you can add borders, change the size of the canvas, or put a caption above/below the whole collage.

You can make a 2×1 or 1×2 collage to show how a pair of people have changed

Once you’ve gotten your collage to look right, you can add text labels using the “Text” tool in the main toolbar. I added small captions for “2008” and “2018,” the two years that my photos were taken. Kapwing lets you drag the text boxes to the right position, resize them, and choose custom fonts and colors.

Step 4: Create and Share

Once your post preview looks right, click the “Done” button to process your collage. You can then share the URL with your friends or download the image to share to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter with the hashtag #10YearChallenge. Kapwing is free to use, but in the free version there is a small watermark in the corner that you can pay a fee to remove.

That’s how you create a square 10YearChallenge post for Instagram! Have fun participating in the Glow Up.

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