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We created Studio in 2018 to solve a problem for creators around the world: making engaging content from images, videos, and GIFs was too hard and time-consuming. Before Studio, video creators had two options: heavyweight, desktop software like Adobe Premiere or casual mobile apps like TikTok. Studio is right in the middle: anyone can use it to share multimedia stories, create digital art, and edit media online.

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The Online Image, Video, GIF, and Audio Editor for Modern Creators

The Studio has both a powerful timeline and graphic design tools. Creators can customize the stylize the position, size, and appearance of layers to make an original layout or get started with one of our templates. Then, they can combine clips, clip and splice videos together, record video and voiceovers, add music, insert text layers, automatically subtitle, and edit. The Studio works on any phone, tablet, or computer, and anyone can get started with it right away.

Kapwing is also the first online video editor with a cloud-based video processor. Our Studio processes your video without freezing your computer, and you can access the fast export process on any device. After export, save the MP4 to share with others.

Kapwing’s Studio is fast, accessible, modern and collaborative.

  • It gives creators peace of mind by ensuring all of their work is backed up in the cloud and accessible on any device.
  • It speeds up your creative workflow with AI-powered tools, integrations, and real-time collaboration with teammates or group members.
  • It’s always up to date so that you don’t need to worry about software updates or operating systems.
  • Finally, it enables anyone to express their message with the ability to record, edit, customize, and convert into a shareable social media format.

Join millions of creators every day who choose to join the Kapwing community. We stand for modern storytelling, entertainment, and velocity and strive to deliver the fastest, smartest tools for creators. Check out from our Resources and YouTube channel to get started! We hope that you enjoy the tool and find satisfaction in our work.

Kapwing Studio
  1. Entertain

    Kapwing’s classic meme maker, vertical video editor, and collage maker give creators tons of ways to inspire others and make people laugh. Tell a joke or remix a popular media moment in a new way.

  2. Share stories

    Tell your point of view by recording videos and voiceovers, splitting, and splicing inline. Share the video link to your friends or download to post on social media.

  3. Educate

    Collaborate with others on multimedia information. Search for images and stickers across the web, make your video accessible with subtitles, and send out your memorable MP4.

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