How to Upload Audio to YouTube

Make your audio file into a captivating video to share on YouTube with the help of Kapwing.

How to Upload Audio to YouTube

While there isn't an option to upload audio directly to YouTube, there is another way to make your voice heard. Podcasters, singers, and commentators alike can upload audio to YouTube with the help of an online video editor.

You don't have to be a video editing expert to pull together a compelling video, take it from me. With beginner editing experience, I felt comfortable crafting my video and enjoyed the final results. In this article, I'll show you how to upload audio to YouTube by making a simple video first.  

  1. Open the Waveform Tool
  2. Upload audio
  3. Customize your video
  4. Export and download
  5. Upload audio to YouTube

TL;DR - Use the waveform tool by Kapwing to upload your Mp3 to YouTube.

Step One: Open the Waveform Tool

In this example, I'm using Kapwing, a free browser-based photo and video editor. I'm using my laptop but you can use your preferred device such as an iPhone, Android, PC or tablet. Begin by visiting, click tools, then add waveform to video. You can export audio up to seven minutes long or upgrade to Kapwing Pro to make longer videos.

screenshot of the waveform tool by Kapwing

Step Two: Upload Audio

Upload an audio file or paste a URL to import the sound into the studio. You can upload multiple audio files and each one will appear as a new layer in the timeline. Kapwing supports most major audio file types, including MP3 and WAV. In this example, I'm uploading an MP3 to share a song.

screenshot of where to upload or paste a link to an audio file

Set the background to have a 16:9 aspect ratio so your video is the optimal size for YouTube. You can drag and drop each layer to the desired position and zoom in or out to adjust the view of the timeline.

To trim the video, drag the ends and use the split tool located above the timeline to make cuts or remove sections from the middle. For quicker editing, use the shortcut, "S" to split the audio.

screenshot of an audio file in Kapwing Studio

Step Three: Customize your Video

I'm using a picture from Unsplash to serve as my background. Click upload to add pictures from your device or click image search to browse pictures from Google. To make the background a solid color, choose a color on the right side of the studio or type a hex code. My go-to website for color scheme inspiration and hex codes is Coolors. Definitely check them out to find the perfect color palette.

screenshot of a video with waveform in Kapwing Studio

There are two waveform styles to choose from and you can change its color. I recommend choosing a color that contrasts with the background so it's easy to see. You can also add text, shapes, pictures, GIFs, and overlays onto the background for an eye-catching video.

screenshot of how to change waveform style

For brands and influencers, add an image or your logo or yourself with a call-to-action to cross-promote your platforms. Click upload to add additional different elements and click image search to find transparent overlays. You can arrange them onto the timeline to play for the entire video or at specific times. In this example, I added a call-to-action for our YouTube and Instagram profile.

screenshot of a video made in Kapwing Studio

Step Four: Export and Download

Click export video to begin processing your MP4 file for YouTube. When the video is ready, click download to save it to your device. To quickly remove the watermark, create an account with Kapwing using your Google or Facebook login information.

screenshot of how to export a video in kapwing studio

Step 5: Upload to YouTube

All that's left is to head over to Youtube to upload your audio. Click the camera icon in the top right corner, then click upload video to drag and drop your video. While your video is processing, add a title, description, and any additional information. From here you can upload your audio or save it as a draft.

screenshot of how to upload a YouTube video

You're all set to upload songs, podcasts, and more for future YouTube videos. Promote your video on social media to expand your reach and show off your video editing skills! Continue to follow our resources page for more tutorials and head over to our YouTube channel for TikTok tutorials.

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