Once you're finished with your Kapwing Project, you need to click "Export" or "Create" to get the final savable version. You won't be able to download your content until you export your project.

After you export your video, you can watch Kapwing's progress in processing your video. Please be patient as your video, GIF, or image is assembled on our backend! If you're signed in, your video will be saved to your Kapwing Workspace, and you can close your browser and come back to check progress at any time.  

If your video freezes during processing or reaches an error, leave a note in our feedback form and try remaking your video. Read our Video Processing FAQ for more info.

Once the project has finished processing, click the "Download" button to save it to your device. More detailed information about how to save your project below.

Download on iPhone or iPad

Images: iPhone or iPad creators can download an image made or edited on Kapwing by long pressing on the image and choosing "Add to Photos." This will save the image to your iPad or iPhone camera roll.

Videos: The fastest way to download a Kapwing video on your Apple phone or tablet is to download the  iOS Kapwing app. You can sign in to your Workspace, which automatically syncs with the projects you create in the browser. If you're not signed in to your Workspace, you copy the URL of your final video page (link should look like "https://www.kapwing.com.com/videos/...") and paste it into Kapwing.

Alternatively, it's now possible to save videos from the web directly on an iPhone or iPad. To save a video, long-pressing on the video or clicking the "Download" button. Then, confirm that you want to download the video. Next, click on the "down arrow" icon to access your saved files.

Tap on the most recent file to open it, then find the share icon in the lower left. Tap "Save video" in the native share action menu.

Download on Android phone or tablet

On Android, you should be able to download videos directly from the Chrome app. Wait for your project to finish processing and click the "Download" button on the final page.  

Download on Computer or Chromebook

Click "Export Video" or "Create" and wait for Kapwing to process your video into a downloadable video file. Then, click "Download" to save the file to your Downloads folder. All Kapwing projects have a name that starts with "final_," so you can search for this on your computer if you have trouble finding your file later.

Our YouTube video tutorial on Downloading to an iOS device