Apple's cool Live Photo feature lets your still photos come to life! Press down on any live photo and watch the brief moment just before and just after the 'key frame.' Yes, they're cool and fun, but they're still just photos and can't be directly turned into a GIF.

In this super quick tutorial, I'll show you how to turn your Live Photo into a GIF in a few easy steps.

  1. Pick a Live Photo
  2. Record your screen while viewing Live Photo
  3. Upload recording to Kapwing & export

1. Pick a Live Photo

For this example, I'm going to use this picture of the beach I took a while ago. Make sure you know how to view the full the full segment of the live photo. Here's my key photo from my camera roll on the left, and the full Live Photo segment on the right:

2. Record Your Screen While Viewing Live Photo

Make sure you have the screen recording widget inside of your Control Center. Head to your Live Photo and screen record while holding down on the screen to view the whole photo. Stop recording, and find the video in your Photos. Though you could pause here and send the video to your computer, I'm going to do the whole thing on my phone to show you how easy Kapwing makes it.

3. Upload Recording to Kapwing & Export

Open up the Kapwing Studio and upload your video. Once your video is in, you'll need to make little edits like cropping the top and bottom out and trimming the video to only be of the full live photo. Make these by clicking on the video and tapping 'edit video' to get into the editing panel. You'll notice Kapwing also has wide editing capabilities from erasing backgrounds to overlaying gifs, take some time to explore the power of the studio if you haven't before.

Once you're done with the editing portion, we're ready to export! Find the settings tap on the top right (you'll need to scroll to get there if you're on a phone), and make sure the recording is going to export as a GIF (or export it as an MP4 from the same screen). Here's what my editing process looked like along with the final product on the right:

You're done! You've successfully used Kapwing to edit and export your Live Photo as a GIF.

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