How to Remove the Background From a Video Online

It's possible to remove the background from any video online without using a green screen. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to remove the background in just a few clicks for free with an automatic tool.

How to Remove the Background From a Video Online

For creators at every level, it's getting easier to remove the background from your videos and photos. You no longer need a physical green screen or expensive video editing software to put someone in an entirely new setting on screen.

Fast, beginner-friendly editors like Kapwing make it easy to remove backgrounds just like you can on Zoom calls or on Google Hangouts. Kapwing's remove background video editor is free and works online, so you don't need to have any video editing expertise to access it.

Removing the background from a video allows you to replace it with any image or video you want. This timeless production technique is often used on YouTube for reaction videos and gaming content, but you can find background removal and replacement in music videos, Hollywood movies, weather forecasts, and beyond.

Kapwing's Remove Background tool works for any video from your computer, as well as videos you found online. The tool works best for videos with sections of solid colors, like green screens, white walls, or black backgrounds.

Watch the video below for a full tutorial on removing the background from any video:

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