Want to blast a viewer with vivid color, or create a cold, distant mood? Enhancing saturation can make colors bolder, creating a lively image, while removing saturation can create a milder, flatter image. Enhanced saturation on landscape photos makes the viewer feel like they can jump into the scene, and removing saturation on a portrait, or landscape, can set a more stern/depressed/ tone.

Playing with color saturation can strengthen or weaken colors in images, GIFs and video, casting different visual moods. This post will show you how to adjust saturation in your videos and GIFs with a free, online tool so you can make your next dramatic masterpiece.

Kapwing, an online video editor, is the first website where users can adjust video or GIF saturation directly without needing to download software. It's a faster and more accessible alternative to Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, and iMovie.

Increase or decrease the color saturation of your video, image, or GIF in three steps:

  1. Go to Kapwing Studio
  2. Upload your media
  3. Adjust saturation
  4. Export and share

How to Enhance or Remove Color Saturation

Step 1: Go to Kapwing's Studio

Start off by opening the Kapwing Studio and clicking "Get Started." This will open Kapwing's free online video editor.

Step 2: Upload your Image, Video or GIF

Using the "Upload" module, upload your video, GIF, or image from your camera roll or computer. You can also import from YouTube, Google Drive, GIPHY, or other websites if your media is already online. Once your media is uploaded, you will see a preview of the video.

Click on the video layer and find the "Adjust" tool in the right-hand panel.

Step 3: Adjust the Saturation

Find the saturation tool in the third line. Move the bar to the right to increase the color saturation, and to the left to decrease it. The “Reset” button takes back to the original video. Once the preview looks right, click ‘Done Adjusting' to return to the Studio.

When you increase the saturation, all of the colored pixels in the video will become more infused with color. The image's color will appear more vibrant and colorful, making for higher contrast and a more compelling visual image.

When you decrease saturation, the colors will become softer and more muted. Reduce the saturation for a lower tempo or less visually compelling scene, like a Zoom background.

Step 4: Download and Share

Back in the Studio, click "Export" to edit your final video together. You can also add other edits, like appending a second scene, resizing your video, changing the speed of the video, rounding corners, or adding text.

After Kapwing finishes processing the adjusted video, image or GIF, you can download it with no watermark if you are signed into Kapwing and share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere.


Thanks for reading! You don’t have to be a Hollywood big shot or a film school graduate to be a video editing pro. I hope that Kapwing’s filters tool enables you to make brighter, more saturated videos, GIFs and images.

Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or visit our YouTube Channel for more in-depth editing tutorials, templates, and guides.. Enjoy your artistic journey, and share your results with us by tagging #kapwing on Twitter, Instagram, etc.