Change the Background Color of Any Image

You might need to delete the background in a photo and change the color, change the 'blank space' in an image, or maybe even change a downloaded video's 'black bars' to another color. No matter what you're trying to accomplish, I'll walk you through a few easy steps that will cover all your needs.

Change the Background Color of Any Image

Marketers and designers often need to change the background color for images I find or templates they're trying to customize. Changing the color can be useful to match a color aesthetic or brand pallet, make a meme, or put a custom overlay on a flyer or poster. You might be trying to place a photo on top of a pure white background or insert a virtual background behind the subject of the picture.

Changing the background color of an image involves two steps: removing the current background and creating the new background. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to complete both of these tasks using a fast online image editor called Kapwing. Kapwing's remove background feature actually works for videos (using a Chroma key tool) also, so this tutorial applies to multiple multimedia types.

Changing the background color can serve a whole suite of functions, so for this example I'm going to use an image and technique that covers different use cases. This technique can be applied for any scenario, but I'll show you how to change the color for a logo. I found an image of the Kapwing logo with black bars on the top and bottom.

Here's the four steps to change the background color of an image:

  1. Import image to Studio
  2. Delete old background if necessary
  3. Change background color
  4. Export and download

Step 1: Import Image to Studio

Get started by heading to the Kapwing Studio, a multimedia suite that you can use for free with no watermark. Creators can upload an image to the Studio, copy/paste a PNG or JPG file, or search for the image on the open web using the "Images" search bar.

I started by searching for the image I wanted to use, a sample logo.

Step 2: Delete Old Background If Necessary

There's multiple ways you to remove the old background behind an image

First, you can crop the image using the "Crop" button on the right. This lets you target the part of the image that you want to include on the new background and remove any extra parts. This is useful especially f your image just has black bars like mine.

Second, you can use the "Erase" tool. The provided magic wand tool provided allows creators to select the colors of the background and remove them. Alternatively, you can manually remove pixels with the eraser, adjusting the size to match the area to remove.

3. Change background color!

Super easy, just click and change the background color using the panel on the right. If your brand has a custom hex code color, simply click the hex code and change the color to something custom. At this stage you can also change the canvas size if you're looking for another size output or add a gif if you want to spice your content up. I'm going to change the background color to yellow and make the output a square so I can post to Instagram:

Kapwing's got all sorts of FREE content editing tools, check out some other tutorials here:

Thanks for reading!

Devan Sood