For any startup, content is king. Communicating an identity, personality, and story to your audience can benefit a new business tremendously across many dimensions. In this article, I’ll describe why video content has become a leading medium among digital marketers.


According to a recent study on Video Usage at Startups, 86% of startups and 81% of all businesses engage in video marketing. 82% of them are satisfied with the conversion result and feel that video marketing is an important part of their company. Video is one of the top marketing trends of 2019.

You don’t need to hire an expensive agency to help you with video marketing — you can do it yourself. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection to make and post videos. Here are 10 reasons why video content can boost your business, attracting more customers.

1. Video Builds Trust and Long-term Relationship

Trust is a foundation for finding clients, selling product, and recruiting talent. Since videos put a human face, voice, and personality on the company, they build trust among your audience.

A Kapwing video that got more than 18,000 views

Your first goal should be to engage and bond with your audience rather than sell a product. Tell stories, make yourself vulnerable and relatable. Then, once you publish your story, listen to and interact with comments and feedback. Message and take calls with your most loyal followers. In this way, videos serve as the building blocks for a long-term relationship with your potential customers.

2. Google loves video

Making videos improves your organic search ranking. As Google is the biggest search engine in this universe, Google is the largest single source of organic traffic. Since Google owns YouTube, the significance of video is increasing day by day. YouTube videos are now more prominent in the search results and have an auto-play preview. Having a presence on YouTube gives you more cred on Search as well and makes you more likely to show up for tail queries.

Moreover, video can engage traffic that lands on your website, causing them to spend more time there. Google measures the spending time of visitor on every website. The more time that your traffic stays in your site, the more the boost of position in Search result you will get.

3. Video boosts conversions and sales

The ultimate goal of any marketing initiative is to convert, and recent statics show that video boost conversions 80%.

Long articles, or “walls of text,” are much less likely to get attention from browsers on social media or your website. But explainer videos are very compelling. According to Wyzant, 74% of people who watch an explainer video to learn more about a product buy it. Most major online retailers including Amazon and Etsy have started supporting video reviews.

4. It’s a great ROI

83% of businesses say that video marketing is a good return on investment. Although it may take some time, you no longer need professional video expertise to make videos. You can use your phone or webcam to record footage and simple websites like Kapwing to edit.

5. Futureproof: Mobile users love video

The smartphone has obviously revolutionized the word, and video and mobile browsing go hand in hand. 90% of consumers see products videos before buying. Mobile YouTube views have increased by more than 100% every year. As the smartphone takes place of the desktop computer, video views on mobile will continue to increase. Future proof your business by making short-form video optimized for mobile.

6. Amplify your product launch

Are you planning to launch a product? Make a quick demo video or go live to give your viewers a treat on launch day. When you release the video, you add more buzz and increase the newsworthiness of your launch.

A Product Launch Kapwing used on [Product Hunt]( when releasing the [Subtitle Maker](

If the product is complex, consider making a screen cast demo, creating an animation video or hiring a firm to help you simplify the value proposition.

7. Speed

Nowadays, everyone is too busy to read. But videos communicate information faster than reading. Plus, viewers can listen to videos on double speed or can listen to them in the background while completing other tasks. Make videos to reach an audience that is strapped for time and sensitive to efficiency.

8. Get discovered on social media

More than 85% of people in the USA use social media.  Most social media platforms – including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – boost videos in their discovery algorithm. Your video posts will get more engagement than images or text alone. Check out this case study from The Scratch Foundation on how video kickstarted Twitter engagement.

Videos on social media can also answer your customers’ most urgent questions. Help them evaluate your service or product with Q&A videos on social.

Promo video from the Carphone Warehouse

9. Good for Email marketing

Email marketers will see their open and click rates increase if they link to a video. Although you can’t include videos directly inside of emails, you can include an animated GIF and link to the full video.

10.Passive income

The most fascinating one is passive income! You can earn while you sleeping through your video. As you gain more viewers, you drive traffic to the links in your description.

From this article, I hope you understand the significance of video for an online business. So, don’t waste your time; start making video as soon as possible. Check out these tips for video types that get engagement on social media.

Author bio

Robart Det has over five years of experience in video editing. He specializes writing articles on video production topics on his blog. He is presently working at Viddedit, a reputable company in the video industry.