Bringing a creative vision to life is an admirable task content creators regularly tackle. Every element from the background to the font choice plays a vital role in the piece coming to fruition.

The background, the largest element, can be an attention grabber (ideally for the right reasons) and pulls the entire piece together. If you're searching for the right image to edit your content, I have a few free suggestions to consider.

With Kapwing, you can upload your project right into the Studio then integrate free backgrounds with a plugin. This free browser-based video editor is easy to use so there's no need to have years of editing experience to get started. You can remove the background from an image, add filters, and get creative by combining images. The choice is ultimately yours. Let's get started!


Unsplash and I have a long history together. Before writing for Kapwing, I frequently browsed backgrounds on Unsplash to make and edit covers for my blog. I was consistently met with high-quality, freely usable photos that elevated my content, and it was one less task on my plate. Nothing has changed to this day, except maybe the sheer volume of images to explore. You can find photos ranging from professional and modern to trendy and abstract to meet your needs.

To pull up Unsplash images with Kapwing, click plugins at the top of the Studio and click Unsplash. You can do this on any device with a browser. Type a phrase or word in the search box and scroll through the results to find something you like. A phrase like "editing background" is a good place to start. To browse categories, click random and if you want to be surprised with a photo, click the blue get a random image button.


Next up on the list is Pexels. I recently discovered this gem of a website and hope you'll find it just as resourceful as I do. Pexels offers over 8000 free stock photos and videos, and while there's less to choose from in comparison to Unsplash, the quality is top notch. Their library keeps growing as hundreds of high resolution pictures are added each day by talented creators.

The Pexels plugin is located right under the GIPHY search plugin. Once you click images, you can begin searching for the right background to edit your content. I've seen pictures with unique patterns and dreamy landscapes that would be great background for intros.


Pixabay is another community-driven, free stock photo website to check out. There are over 2.3 million images, videos, and music to see so you're bound to find what you need and more. You might see a few photos pop up on Unsplash and Pixabay since creators can submit their work to both websites. Something that stands out about Pixabay is the collection of vectors and illustrations. Usually, these images come with a price tag, but they're free on Pixabay thanks to generous creators.

You can find Pixabay's images by clicking the same plugins tab. Then you'll see Pixabay right underneath the Pexels plugin. If you want to browse the collection of illustrations and vectors, make sure to add those terms to the end of your query.

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