Custom Ecard Templates for Any Holiday

Ecards are the new normal for families and friends to celebrate from a distance. Use our free editor to create the perfect digital gift.

Custom Ecard Templates for Any Holiday

A simple holiday ecard delivered to someone's inbox or messages can make their season just a little bit sweeter.

Get started now: Open a Kapwing Ecard Template to start creating now.

There are dozens of places for you to find premade ecards, and even add a recipient's name, or a short message. But professional-looking, easy-to-make ecards with fully customizable music, text, images, animations, with handy templates to help you get started? That's a holiday miracle.

Ecards are the new normal for everything from spreading cheer and best wishes to thank-yous and congratulations. Now the holiday season is here, and it's time to start working together on your ecards – here are some classic tips, out-of-the-box ideas, and pre-made ecard templates to help you get started.

Make your video frame festive

I recommend using Kapwing to make your cards. Kapwing makes it easy to add personal flair to your ecards: all different media can occupy the same canvas, so you can create a high-level multimedia ecard with no prior experience in video production. Check out the fun card I made in under a minute:

A GIF demonstrating the Kapwing Studio's editing functions.

A little can go a long way – if you're making a lot of ecards, just click "Images" and search something like "holiday frame png." Some of these premade frames can give your ecards a festive boost in just a couple of clicks. In the GIF above, I did a quick image search, chose a frame, copied it, and flipped it vertically. Just a couple steps can make a world of difference!

Add some music

Musical cards have been around for a few decades now, but it's much easier (and cheaper) to make one digitally. First, you'll need to make your card a video. Just click "Timeline" in the top toolbar and choose a duration for your card to play – you can always change it later, if you want to play more or less of the music track.

A screenshot of the Kapwing audio uploader.

Now you need to find a track to add to your card. Using Kapwing, you can download music tracks from YouTube, SoundCloud, and any major video platform on the internet. You can also import music from any MP3 or video file that you have saved on your device or in online storage. Just select "Audio" from the top menu and either paste a link to the video or music track you want to use, or click the upload button and browse for a file that's saved on your device. Your music will upload in a few seconds and you can choose the portion that you want to use for your ecard.

Animate your message

Here's something you simply can't do with a physical card: make your text move! Once you've finished adding your text, click "Animate" from the right side of the Studio window and choose the animation you want to add to your text. Any of Kapwing's animations can add some extra flair to your holiday greeting.

A holiday ecard example, with ribbons and animated text.
Text animations can make your ecard stand out above the rest

Don't just settle with a simple animation – get creative! You can stack several text layers, add different animations to each one, or change the movements of your text over time.

Quick & easy ecard templates:

If you're in a rush to send winter greetings to everyone on your list, or you'd like a head start on your ecard design, you can use some of these pre-made templates I've put together. See which ones suit you and your friends & family, and customize any part of the template you want.

The first holiday ecard template, with snowy trees.
The second holiday ecard template, with ribbons and text.
The third holiday ecard template, with a Menorah and snowflakes.

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