How to Make Flipagram Online

Flipagram is an awesome iOS app that lets you make slideshows with music. Fortunately, you can now make a Flipagram online using a website called Kapwing.

How to Make Flipagram Online

Flipagram is an awesome iOS app that lets you make slideshows from photos and videos. Called “a slick way to turn your photos into a video accompanied by your favorite tracks,” Flipagram creators can upload photos, choose from a music library, and save a video slideshow to their iPhone camera roll.

But what if you don’t have an iPhone or want to make a Flipagram from your computer? Fortunately, you can now make a Flipagram online using a free slideshow maker called Kapwing. Kapwing allows you to make a Flipagram on Mac, Windows, Android, iPads, Chromebooks, or any other device.

With Kapwing, you can upload the photos, GIFs, and video clips you want in your Flipagram and download the MP4 output. Rather than picking from a library of stock background music, you can combine your video montage with any song you’d like from YouTube.

In this article, I’ll describe how you can make a Flipagram using an online video editor called Kapwing. Kapwing is free and works on any kind of computer, tablet, or phone (including Android). The Video Maker helps you combine photos, videos, and GIFs together into a montage.

Step 1: Collect the Images and Clips

Start by picking out the photos and video clips that you want to include in your Flipagram. Are you making a fan edit? A stop motion? A travel montage? A birthday slideshow? Think about balancing the color composition, subjects, and mood of the scenes in your Flipagram.

If you're on your phone, you might gather these into a album in your camera roll or "star" all of the photos so that they appear in your favorites. If you're on a computer, try organizing the pictures in a folder for quick access.

Step 2: Open Video Maker

Once you have all of the images starred or saved in one place, you can get started making the Flipagram. Navigate to Kapwing’s Video Maker and click “Get Started” top open the blank editor.

Video Montage Maker

Flipagrams default to square, but on Kapwing you can change the size if you want to. On the left-hand size, you can use the “Video Options” dropdown to change the size of the video canvas. Select the default 1:1, 9:16 for Instagram Stories, 16:9 for YouTube, or other aspect ratios.

Note: Kapwing's Video Maker also works on your phone or tablet! Once you click "Get Started" on the home page, scroll down to upload media.

Step 3: Upload Photos and Clips

Kapwing supports videos, images, and GIFs, so you can combine whatever media you’d like into a single MP4 video. Drag and drop or paste a link to the photos that you want to use. Once the pictures load, arrange them into the order that you want them to appear in your Flipagram.

Video Maker on Mobile

Flipagram has a slider to make the slideshow move faster or slower. With Kapwing, change the duration of the images to last more time to make it slower or less time to make it faster. You can change the length of each image individually or globally by clicking the "Edit Duration" button with a timer icon. For videos, you can trim the clips.

Step 4: Add Music

After your video montage looks right and has the right tempo, it’s time to add your music! Click "Edit in Studio" to open the Studio view of your Flipagram slideshow. This view gives you more control over the visual display of each photo. You can add images, rearrange or crop the photo, and insert music.

To attach a song, click the "Audio" tool in the main Studio toolbar. The Add Music tool will open so that you can overlay a soundtrack on your new Flipagram video. You can upload an MP3 file or voice memo, or you can import music from YouTube.

Add Audio to Video -- Flipagram with Music editor

Import Songs from YouTube

With Kapwing, you can import any soundtrack you like directly from YouTube. After your video loads in Kapwing’s Studio, open the Audio editor by clicking “Audio” in the main toolbar. Choose your perfect background music, then copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it into Kapwing. Adjust the start time, trim the section of the music, and adjust the volume before combining the music with your video.

For example, I added Abba music to this fan edit of Amanda Seyfried:

In the Kapwing Studio, creators can explore other tools to add text, animations, images, or intro scenes to their Flipagram.

Step 5: Create Flipagram and Share

After the music sounds correct, click Publish to process the Flipagram MP4. Kapwing will process your video in the cloud and return the finalized MP4 for you to share with friends. You can send the URL or you can download the Flipagram video to publish on YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Since Kapwing is fully online, you can always click “Edit” to make changes to your Flipagram (add more videos, change the song, etc). When you’re signed in, your Projects have no watermarks and are saved in your Kapwing Workspace.

Final Flipagram Download
Final Flipagram page

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you make a Flipagram that looks and sounds exactly like you want it to. This technique generally works for making a video with photos and music for free. Although Flipagram only works on iPhones, Kapwing works on any device: your computer (Mac or Windows PC), tablet, Chromebook, or Android phone. Happy flipping!