How To Make Animated Quotes for Photos and Videos

In this article, I am going to show you how to make animated quotes for photos and videos!

How To Make Animated Quotes for Photos and Videos

Whenever I think of quotes now, I always think of this hilarious episode of Bob's Burgers where Teddy (one of the side characters) starts selling inspirational posters. I can't guarantee you that the next photo or video you make will be as exquisite as his, but I think I can help you come up with a worthy competitor.

I'm proud that an episode of Bob's Burgers is the first thing I think of when creating an animated quote for a photo or video. But I wouldn't remember those words if I didn't have an "inspirational poster" on my phone to remind me of them. An animated inspirational quote GIF in your camera roll, phone wallpaper, or Pinterest board can give you daily motivation to keep going through. Animated quotes can remind you to engage in self-love, positive psychology, or productive hustle.

An animated quote can also be a loving boost to send to a friend or relative digitally, a helpful attraction for subscribers and followers on social media, and an engaging asset for students to engage with. The animation can make the Quote Photo or Video more memorable. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an Animated Quote Photo or Video using a multimedia editor called Kapwing.

Here's what you'll need to do to create your animated quote:

  1. Open Kapwing's Animated Text Video Maker tool
  2. Design or upload the quote background
  3. Add the quote text
  4. Animate
  5. Export and share

Step 1. Open Animated Text Video Maker

Start by going to your Kapwing workspace and find the 'collections' tab in the top navigation bar. In the collections, select the 'Animated Text Video Maker' and choose from one of the existing templates. You can also create a new project from scratch!

Animated Text Video Maker

Because we are specifically making a quote, I suggest choosing the 'motivational quote animated text video template. Don't forget, just because it says video maker, doesn't mean it has to be constantly moving! You can always opt to upload a photo.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to start from scratch, open the Kapwing Studio and get started with a blank canvas. Then, you can upload, paste, or search for images to use as a background to the animation.

Step 2: Design Quote Background

If you start with the animated quote template, you will see that Kapwing has already searched stock images already placed as a slide-show like video. You can keep these or add your own footage. I personally like the images a lot, but if you are adding your own, click on the slide you'd like to change.

Alternatively, you can make the canvas into the design you envision by setting the background color, uploading the image, or searching for a picture on Google. Position and arrange whatever photos you have so that the quote is on an amazing background. In this example, I used a photo that my brother took on his engagement day:

Ensure that the text is placed IN FRONT of that photo. With the photo or video layer selected, click on the 'send backwards' button once or twice the existing text shows up on top of the background. You can drag the player bar at the bottom of the screen to make sure the text appears over the image.

Step 3: Add Quote Text

To edit the text and change the quotes, click on the 'text' layers on the right-hand side bar. You can also add brand new text from the top menu bar and animate the writing from that. Another time I would probably add and customize quotes would be when you're creating a custom karaoke video.  

If you don't see the text on the screen, try moving the video player bar at the bottom until you see the text appear. Click on the text on the screen and edit to your liking. Be sure to give credit if it's not an original quote from yourself! (Actually, give yourself credit then too.) As you are editing, you can change the font, change how the animation appears, and add effects to the text. The world is your editing oyster.

Step 4: Animate

For any text layer that you have added to the canvas, click the "Animate" button when the text layer is selected to browse through Kapwing's set library of animations.

Choose to reveal, fade in, pop in, or any of Kapwing's text animation options. Adjust the timing of the animation to "Slow" or "Fast." These animations add dramatic appeal to the quote GIF.

If you want more fine-grained control over the Timeline tab, open up the Timeline to see how the quote text is timed relative to the beginning of the video. You can also change the output type to Video.

When you are satisfied with your animated quotes, you can add music to your videos in the "Audio" tab, alter the output size, or add shapes ("Elements") and additional images.

Finally, click the "Export Video" button to get the saveable version of your animated quote!

Step 5: Export and Share

When you click "Export," Kapwing sends your Quote data to our backend for processing. Your video/photo might take some time to render, but don't worry! It's working. When it's completed, you can download your animated quotes or post directly to Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

Thanks for hanging out with me! Hopefully this article helps, and you can start creating the best inspirational (or non inspirational) quote images and videos.

Kapwing has some other great resources that will help turn your videos into professional looking content. Feel free to tag us with a #kapwing for an extra like and follow us on any platform. We appreciate any shoutouts, feedback, ideas, and general user love. Happy editing!