Sam Pasco is a producer at KXSF, a non-profit radio station based in San Francisco that focuses on broadcasting diverse programming created by and for San Franciscans. Sam has his own show on the station called Pasco’s Perspective and is also the director of KXSF Sports, the station’s sports department which covers and is credentialed media at various sporting events in the Bay Area.

Although they’re a radio broadcasting station, KXSF takes advantage of many other forms of media in order to tell interesting and personal stories about sporting events, music, and many other things around the city. Sam sat down with me to chat about his experience at the station and how they use audio and video storytelling effectively to delight their fans.

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Hey Sam, thanks for being here! Can you start by telling me about the history of the radio station and how you’re involved?

The station is KXSF 102.5 FM, we’re a community radio station based in San Francisco that started on the air about a year ago. We used to be KUSF, which was the college station for the University of San Francisco, but after a long process of switching it over to an independent station, we were able to get our own air waves just last July.

What tools do you use besides broadcasting on the radio?

We use Twitter, Instagram, our website, and Facebook. I would say those are our four main prongs. On Twitter and Instagram we post graphics and reminders about what’s going on event wise at the station as well as show programming. Our Facebook is more personal shoutouts to different DJs. And our website is everything - programming calendar, events, podcasts, educational aspects, merchandise, donations, and the blog itself.

How does your company use digital storytelling?

Because we’re a smaller station, it’s really important for us to have quality content that’s digital and easy for our consumers and fans to enjoy. Digital storytelling is a big aspect. We use a lot of graphics to tell those stories because we know people are scrolling quick on social media, so we try to put a big focus on graphics and colors that stand out, something you don’t normally see on your feed and want to stop to look at. Maybe it’s a volunteer shoutout or information about various upcoming events. For us, digital storytelling is really using unique images to stand out on social media. Almost all of our posts have an image attached to them.

Do you have a favorite story you’ve been able to cover?

With KXSF Sports, we’re at most San Francisco Giants home games. It’s been really fun to have that access and content to edit in an intriguing way for the listeners of the station. I talked to Bruce Bochy, manager of the Giants, before one of the games. It was his mug day, Bruce Bochy Mug Day, and I asked him, have you seen your mug? What’s your favorite beverage for your mug? He kind of laughed at the question, and looking back, it was great to have that video clip of Bruce laughing and to be able to share it with others on social platforms. Kapwing made it super easy to add multiple layers like text, the image of the mug, and images for sponsors. We’re able to get all that content in there and it looks very professional. Being a smaller station, we have to put an emphasis on powerful tools that are also cost efficient.

Since your radio station relies primarily on listeners, what do you think are the big differences between audio and video media?

I think with audio, you really have to put an emphasis on every single word and how you’re saying it because you only have that one medium to express and idea. But with an image and videos you have more flexibility to tell more of a story in a different way. However, people have less time now and everyone is on the go, so being able to listen to something in the car while you’re driving and have the flexibility to relax and listen is great. Being able to just close your eyes and take something in in a very direct way with interesting and original content is still something that people want to consume.

How did you find Kapwing and what have you been using it for?

I looked up alternatives for iMovie and Kapwing was one of the choices outside of Adobe Premiere Pro. I started playing around with the free version and then I got the pro version and its been history from there. We really love all the products on the site, some of our favorites include Studio, the main one to add multiple layers of audio and video and make content a lot more playful for Instagram stories. Being able to create your own GIF from your own video is great and powerful for us so we can post original GIFs on Twitter. The resizer tool is also important because we film a lot of footage horizontally, and being able to put that on Instagram TV isn’t always easy. But Kapwing has made it so simple to resize that and add a layer on top with our logo for Instagram stories and TV!

Made with Kapwing!

Do you have any advice for people looking to pursue their passions?

Whatever you’re interested or passionate about, run with it a little longer and see where it takes you. For me, I love sports and community events in SF, and having this outlet to take it a little further has been fantastic. I get to talk to people around SF and get their perspective on what’s going on with the music scene or the sports industry, and that’s been a wonderful experience for me. So I’d recommend that if you have an inkling anywhere, explore that a little further and see where it takes you. As a high school student, it's been a great opportunity to work for the station and do something that I’m really passionate about.

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