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Add Audio to GIF

Add music to an animated GIF online

Easily add a soundtrack to a GIF

With more and more viral GIFs being shared across social media, you might want to put a sound effect or song on your GIF. Attaching audio to the GIF can change the tone and send a unique, funny message. However, the GIF file format doesn't support music, so you'll need to create a video instead. With this free tool, you can combine music on your GIF and download as an MP4 with just a few clicks.

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How to Add Audio To a GIF

  1. Upload your gif

    Upload the gif that you want to add audio to. You can choose a file or paste a link from Youtube, Giphy, Twitter, etc!

  2. Upload audio or music

    Upload the audio file that you want to combine with the GIF. You can also paste a URL to a Youtube video with the music you want to use.

  3. Download and share

    Just hit 'Export', and your musical GIF will be exported. Kapwing is completely free to use and requires no downloads!

Add Audio to GIF

Adding Music to Gifs Online

Adding audio to a GIF means that you will have to convert your GIF into a video file format. This is because GIF files are normally images which cannot have sound. Luckily, you can easily attach audio to a GIF using Kapwing in just a few clicks.

Get started by using Studio, and uploading the GIF that you'd like to attach audio to. Then, you will also need to upload your audio file in order for the two files to be stitched together. You can use the timeline feature in Studio to time out your audio and trim it down to the correct section that you would like to apply to your GIF. You can also use advanced features like adjusting the volume of the audio, as well as generating a waveform to give your audio file some more visual cues.

Once you have added the audio as well as your animated GIF, you can apply additional changes, like adding text or resizing the GIF, easily with Studio. Just use the controls in the sidebar to make the relevant adjustments before exporting your final video.

Clicking EXPORT will output a new video containing your original GIF as well as the audio file attached. The output will be in an MP4 format. If you'd like to preserve the GIF file format, keep in mind that the audio will not be included.

Adding audio to GIFs online should be simple, fast, and free - and that's exactly the case with Kapwing. We hope you enjoy this online editor for all of your editing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add audio to GIFs?
To add audio to GIFs, creators stitch audio file formats to GIFs with a tool, then convert the joined files to an MP4. An online tool such as Kapwing can seamlessly trim and stitch audio to GIFs, then process the media as an MP4 from any device. Creators can fine tune the start and end time, split audio to remove sections, and make adjustments to the volume to achieve the right output level.
How do I add music to a GIF on Instagram?
To add music to a GIF on Instagram, creators will need a reliable external editor. This process involves stitching music to a GIF then converting the media to an MP4 to share across Instagram’s various post formats. Within Kapwing, you can upload audio and GIFs from any device or use the GIPHY plugin to add audio to GIFs you’ve shared to this platform.
How do I add audio to a GIF on mobile?
To add audio to a GIF on mobile, creators need an intuitive, mobile-friendly tool that appends various audio file formats to GIFs with ease. One tool creators can rely on for this task is Kapwing. Kapwing allows creators to trim audio files down to a few seconds, remove unwanted sections from the middle, then align both file types to play in sync. The remaining audio is usually an attention-grabbing moment designed to induce a reaction. After the audio and GIF are combined and exported as an MP4, creators can save then share their video directly to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

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