Videos are a powerful format, but GIFs are easier to share and embed in emails/documents. Creators often need to convert a memorable segment of an MP4 into a GIF. In this article, I’ll show you how to convert an MP4 to a GIF using a free online tool called Kapwing in four steps:

  1. Open Video Converter
  2. Upload MP4
  3. Select GIF Segment
  4. Create

Step 1: Open Video Converter

Open Kapwing’s Convert Video tool, or find the Convert tool from the Kapwing homepage. If you’re just using the tool for the first time, you can “try a sample” to test out how the feature works.

Convert MP4 to GIF tool

I recommend Kapwing because it’s a free, fast website and it works on your phone or computer without needing to download any software.

Step 2: Upload MP4

Click on the purple “Upload” button or drag and drop the file to upload your video. Your video will load for a few moments then will appear in the Convert editor. You can also import a video from YouTube and convert part of it to an MP4.

Convert Video Editor

If you want to only convert a section of your MP4, use the Trim Video button in the upper left corner to select a segment of your video. When you’ve chosen the part you want, click “Done Trimming” to return to the main editor.

Trim GIF in MP4 Convert Editor

Step 3: Select “GIF” Segment

Next, choose a file format that you want to convert your video to. Choose the third option: “gif.” Note: Kapwing also supports taking a screenshot of your video (MP4 to JPG) and extracting the audio track (MP4 to MP3).

GIF is a smaller, shorter file format, so they can’t be as long in duration or as high quality. Kapwing supports GIFs up to 10 seconds long. The longer your GIF is, the lower quality it is since you have fewer frames per second.

Also note that GIFs don’t support audio, so the converted GIF will be mute!

Select the 10-second clip of the video that you want to make into a GIF. Below the video preview, adjust the sliders to set the start and end time of the GIF. The text below shows you the expected duration on your output GIF.

Step 4: Create and Share

After you’ve selected the segment of the MP4 you want, click “CREATE” to convert the MP4 into a GIF. Kapwing processes your file in the Cloud and will return it to you after a few seconds.

Download GIF Page

Now your GIF is finalized and ready to be shared! You can send the URL of the Kapwing webpage to your friends or download the GIF to save it on your phone/computer.

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you convert MP4s into GIFs with ease. Kapwing is an online MP4 editor that is free to use, and you don’t need an account to access it. Just jump in at

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