I recently discovered that it's possible to post videos directly to Quora. Since videos contain so much information, they can be an excellent resource for people seeking answers on Quora, the famous question and answer site.

Note: As of January 2020, it seems that Quora is experimenting with this feature. It may not be visible to all people, yet.

Since I'm a video creator and a small business owner, I've taken advantage of Quora's free SEO to build brand awareness and domain authority online. In the last year, my Quora answers have gotten more than 350,000 views. In this article, I'll explain how to upload a video answer to Quora for other entrepreneurs interested in new opportunities to share visual content and succeed on Quora.

Why Post Videos on Quora?

I love answering questions on Quora, partially because I can drive awareness for my image and video editing website, Kapwing. For other small business owners, Quora can be a great organic channel to acquire qualified leads. Posting answers with images and videos can set apart your response from others' and make it rise to the top in a sea of answers.

If you're a YouTuber or video creator, posting video answers can help you drive subscribers and views to your channel. If people preview your content, they're more likely to trust you as an authority in that domain.

You don't need to promote a product or service to be a great Quora contributor. Quora's Partners program gives people a chance to make money from their time by responding to more unanswered questions.

Technical Specs for Quora Videos

Video file type: Must be an MP4 or MPEG. If you have a .MOV or .QT video, convert it to an MP4 before uploading to Quora.

Size and Length: I have not found an upper size limit for a Quora answer. I've been able to upload both very short videos (2 seconds) and longer videos (4 minutes).

Aspect Ratio: It seems that Quora supports any aspect ratio: square, 9:16, landscape, vertical, etc. In the Answer, your video will appear inside of a black frame that is square if your video is too tall and 9:16 if your video is too wide.

How to Upload Videos on Quora

Upload videos to Quora just like you would upload a photo. When you start answering a question, click the Video Camera icon in the upper right corner. Then, select the video file that you want to use from your computer (or from your camera roll, if you're using the Quora app).

Video upload button

Quora will then upload your video. Note that you won't be able to preview the video in your answer – it shows up as a black box – until after you submit the answer. But that doesn't mean it's broken! Quora just doesn't have a video preview player for your uploaded video.

After you submit your answer, you'll get a notification from Quora that the website is processing your video. Your answer won't be public until the video has finished processing. A few moments later, Quora will notify you that your new video answer is publicly available.

Notifications from Quora

Now your video answer is public! People who view your answer can play the video directly from Quora without needing to go to a third-party website. It seems that Quora adds some black background padding above and below the video to offset it from the rest of your answer.

Example Quora post with a video answer

That's all! Quora doesn't have any editing tools built-in, so you'll need to trim, crop, edit, add text, and watermark your video before publishing it. Kapwing's free tools can help you craft the ideal how-to or video tutorial for a Quora answer.

I hope that this article helps you enrich your Quora answers with informative videos. At Kapwing, we strive to make all types of multimedia editing and publishing tasks simple, accessible, and collaborative, regardless of the publishing platform. Our goal is to enable digital storytellers, entertainers, and educators, so Quora's spaces for Q&A are a target Kapwing use case. Let us know if you have ideas for improvement as you explore Quora video and Kapwing!