Want to post a square video on your Instagram Story, Snapchat, TikTok, Reels, or IGTV? You’ll need to convert it to a vertical 9:16 format. As more and more social media platforms (Pinterest, Imgur, etc) launch support for vertical videos, it’s important for creators to learn how to convert and repurpose their existing content in different sizes.

In this article, I’ll show you how to convert a square video to a vertical 9:16 video with a free online Resizer called Kapwing. Kapwing is a website, not an app, so it works on any computer, phone or tablet. This three-click technique works for GIFs, images, and video, so you can use it to create Instagram Story clips, Snap Stories, IGTV videos, and more for any media.

Step 1: Open the Kapwing Resizer

Find the Kapwing Resizer Tool. This resizer is free to use and supports all types of file formats. You can see a demo of how the resizer works on the homepage.

Online Video Resizer

Step 2: Upload Square Video

Upload your original video to the Resizing tool. You can upload a file from your device or drag and drop it onto the purple button. Alternatively, you can paste a link to the video to import directly from YouTube or another social media channel.

Let’s say that you’re trying to repost an Instagram video on your Story. On the post on Instagram, click the three-dot action menu and tap “Copy Link.” Then, paste the link into Kapwing’s paste a URL box to import it.

Step 3: Convert to Vertical (9:16)

Once your media loads in the editor, you can resize it for the correct aspect ratio. Click the “9:16” option in the bottom panel to set it on a 9:16 canvas.

Then, use the purple handles in the corner of the video layer to position the square video where you want it. You can choose to center the video in the middle of the canvas or stretch it to cover the whole vertical video.

To preserve the square 1:1 aspect ratio, click "Edit Video" and "Lock aspect ratio." In the edit video panel, you'll see other options to add animations, transitions, or outlines; change the speed; or zoom out.

On desktop, these options will appear in the right-side panel when the video layer is selected.

The zoom slider give creators more control over how the square video is positioned in your vertical frame. You can also change the background color or select an exact "Custom size" for the output video, like 1920x1080 for an Instagram Story.

If you uploaded a video, you can Trim the video to clip out the section that you want to include using the Timeline below the video preview. This is useful for meeting time requirements; Instagram Stories, for example, only allows videos up to 15 seconds long.

Kapwing's Studio has many other video editing tools that Creators can explore for making TikToks, Reels, and Stories. Add text, subtitles, logos, or music.

Step 4: Export and Share

Once the vertical video looks right, click Export to get the downloadable version of your 9:16 video.

Kapwing will process your new vertical (9:16) video in the cloud then return it to you to download. Now that you’ve resized your square video to vertical, you can save the MP4 and publish it on your Story, on an IGTV channel, or on Snapchat. Because Kapwing creations live in the cloud, you can always go back and edit for a different size.

Kapwing is free to use; you  can remove the watermark for free by signing in with a Google or Facebook account. Share the link to this page or download your output video to publish on social media.

With this technique, you can kick off an IGTV channel or post promotions on an Instagram Story. Small businesses, artists, and social media influencers can benefit from reusing existing videos rather than filming new ones.

Thanks for reading! I hope this tutorial helps you resize square videos quickly for other social media platforms and saves you time #NoMorePixelPushing. Please reach out if you have comments or ideas for improvement!