Buttons help you stand out from the crowd by displaying your name, brand or affiliation. When you wear a button, it should be something you’re proud to show off. The best way to create a button you’ll love is to make a custom design online.

You don’t have to be a designer to get started. Anyone can design a button for a cause they care about. In fact, you don’t need to download or pay for design software to make a custom button. With Kapwing, a free online editor, you can design a button in minutes and you can start without an account. Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Create a canvas
  2. Edit your design
  3. Download the button

1. Create a canvas

First, open the Kapwing studio and click ‘Start with a blank canvas’.

If you’re making a square button, you’re ready to start designing.

If you’re making a circle button, click the background and change the color to transparent (last option). Then, click ‘Elements’ from the top and add a circle. Drag the circle’s corners to the corners of the square canvas and edit with the right side menu.

2. Design Your Button

Now, you can design the button with pictures, elements and text. To add an image, click ‘Images’ and upload or pull from another project. If you have a square image, you can slide the ‘Rounded Corners’ option to the right to turn it into a circle.

Once you’ve added the visuals, click ‘Text’ from the top and write your message. Change the font, format color and outline with the options on the right.

3. Download the button

When you’re finished, click ‘Export Image’ from the top right and wait for it to process. Then, download the button or share your design on social media.

Now you can upload your custom design to an online button maker or send your design to the person making them. That’s just one way Kapwing makes creativity easy!

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