Have you noticed just how much we communicate in GIFs and memes, especially now that everyone’s stuck at home and chatting online more than ever? I have to confess; I sometimes have entire conversations with friends made up solely of GIFs.

Aside from being a fun way to communicate, however, GIFs can also add texture and flavor to your Instagram DMs, blog, Facebook group, WhatsApp status, social media profile, and just about everything in between.

A GIF is an image file format made up of a series of image frames. Generally, there are two ways to create a GIF. The first approach is to combine a set of images into a short animation. The second is to covert a part of a video into a GIF.

Kapwing is an online GIF maker that can help you do both. It's possible to animate multiple images into an animated GIF file or cut a GIF out of an existing video clip. It's also possible to edit existing GIFs with text, captions, stickers, and more. In this article, I'll explain how to create a GIF using Kapwing's free online video editor.

1.     Pick a video you want to use

2.     Go to Kapwing’s Video Maker, upload the video, and trim it

3.     Add text, images, and emojis

4.     Publish and download!

1. Pick a Video

First off, choose a video you want to use for your GIF. It can be something as simple as a video of you smiling, or something a little more involved, like dancing around your motorcycle.

Whatever you pick, make sure the video is quite short – the point of GIFs is that they’re only a few seconds long.

Screenshot of Kapwing's Video Maker

2. Upload Your Video to the Kapwing Video Maker and Trim It

Once you’ve chosen your video file, upload it to the Kapwing Video maker. If the video is longer than ten seconds, I’d strongly recommend you trim it. 3-5 seconds is the optimal GIF length.

3. Add Text, Images, and Emojis

Now that your video is ready, get creative. You can add text, emojis, and images to your GIF to make it stand out even more.

Alternatively, you can even add another video or GIF within.

4. Publish and Download

Now that your video is ready, head on over to the right-hand corner and click Settings (the little gear icon). Set the Output File to GIF.

Then, click Publish. Your GIF is ready! Now, you can either download it, or use the embed link to post your GIF.

If you’re using your GIF on social media, don’t forget to tag @kapwingapp for a like!

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