Whether you’re just having fun on social media or building your brand, Instagram stories are a great tool to keep your followers entertained. But what do you do if you found a new GIF that you love, and you want to share it on your IG story? Instagram does not support the GIF format, so you’ll need a little help from Kapwing to make the magic happen.

The good news is, converting a GIF to Instagram Story will only take a few moments. Have you GIF ready and simply follow these steps:

1.     Upload Your GIF

2.     Edit the GIF in Studio

3.     Add Effects

4.     Publish and Download

Let’s walk through these steps in a little more depth:

1.     Upload Your GIF

First things first: head on over to Kapwing.com, select the “Video Maker” tool, and upload your GIF. If you’re using a GIF from one of the popular sites like Giphy, you don’t need to download it first, then upload to Kapwing: simply copy the GIF’s URL and paste it to Kapwing directly. Easy, right?

2.     Edit the GIF in Kapwing Studio

Once your GIF is uploaded, you can edit it for your Instagram story. First off, crop it so it fits Instagram’s story format:

To do this, simply hit “Crop” on the right hand-side toolbar, then select the “Instagram & Snap Story” crop preset. Move the crop around to see which part works best. Next, adjust the video’s brightness and color intensity if you want to change it up a little.

3.     Add Effects

Your Instagram story is almost ready to go, but if you’re feeling creative, you can add text to your video, stick some emojis on it, or even add an image to video. You can do all of this by using the toolbar above: click “Text” or “Images” and add as much as you like.

4.     Publish and Download

Happy with the result? All you need to do now is hit “Publish”, then download your video (Kapwing will automatically save it as a video, rather than a GIF) and share it to your Instagram story. Don’t forget to tag @kapwing.app – we love hilarious GIF Instagram stories!

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