You only have a few moments to make a lasting impression on YouTube. Make every second count with an inviting thumbnail!

According to YouTube, 90% of top performing videos have custom thumbnails. The platform recommends creating vibrant images that look great large or small, to convey important information about the video. Test the thumbnail on desktop and mobile to ensure it's visually appealing across different devices.

The font style is a lesser-known detail that helps a thumbnail perform better. Legible, large fonts add more context to support the title and image.

In this article, I'm sharing YouTube thumbnail fonts to increase that click through rate!

Click the Make It Button to Open the YouTube Video Thumbnail Maker.


Abril Fatface

Abril Fatface is sure to draw attention to your thumbnail with its bold design and stylish curves. This font complements minimal thumbnails well to convey details about a video. I can see fashion YouTubers and vloggers using this thumbnail for an outfit of the day video or a day in the life vlog.  

If you want to pair this font, try using Lato or Cooper Hewitt to boost the design of the thumbnail.    


Raleway is a versatile typeface that works well with many YouTube thumbnail backgrounds and niches. Raleway's thin and elegant design also pairs well with many fonts. In my example, I created a thumbnail for a travel vlogger and paired Raleway with Libre Baskerville.  

Amatic SC

This simple hand-drawn font is great for YouTubers desiring an artsy aesthetic. A DIY YouTube channel can use this font to share their latest creation, while Illustration channels can give us a sneak peek of their masterpiece or tutorial. Amatic SC pairs well with Josefin Sans and Roboto Condensed.


You've probably seen Bangers, a comic-book style font on many thumbnails because of its bold design. This font can be easily read on desktop and mobile, ideal for a scroll-stopping thumbnail. Choose font colors that contrast from the background, so your text pops.

This font makes a statement on its own, but if you're looking for a match, try Montserrat.

Beauty and the Beast

The beauty and the beast font style is nothing short of magical! Use this font to spruce up an ordinary thumbnail background. Keep the text short and large to ensure this creative font is easy to read.

This font comes with ornaments and is free for personal use.


I've seen Playlist grace many thumbnails and social media graphics. This script font comes in three styles to create a beautiful thumbnail. Combine the styles: font, caps, and ornament for eye-catching text. Use the ornament style to decorate text, and for longer words, use the caps style for easy readability.

Allerta Stencil

Allerta Stencil isn't your ordinary font. The unique gaps in each letter is sure to cause a second glance while scrolling through videos on YouTube. Pair this font with Allerta for an eye-catching duo.  

Shadows into Light

Shadows into Light is another handwritten font style to keep the thumbnail simple yet appealing. Visit Google Fonts to add Shadows into Light to your font collection.  

Permanent Marker

If your favorite writing utensils are markers, this font is for you! Download Permanent Marker to make short phrases and witty text stand out from the background. In this example, I created a YouTube thumbnail for a surprise video. I kept the text short with enough context for viewers to anticipate the exciting part of the video.


Impact, a sans serif typeface, has been seen across many thumbnails, and with good reason. It's hard to miss with its heavy, narrow design and works well on its own.

How to Use a Custom Font on YouTube Thumbnails

I used Kapwing Pro to upload fonts and make my thumbnails. I'll quickly share how to upload custom fonts and use them on an image. With Kapwing Studio open, select Text, then click the drop-down arrow under Font and select More Fonts. Lastly, click Upload Font to load a .ttf or otf file, or drag and drop a file in the dotted square.  

In this example, I'm creating a "reveal" style thumbnail. To blur the background, click Adjust, then move the circle next to Blur to adjust the strength. A blurred background helps provoke interest and clicks!

Click Text, then More Fonts to find a custom font. I chose Playlist and added Office Reveal to the center so you can't miss it. The font color is white with a black outline to contrast the background. You can adjust the Brightness too if the text is difficult to read. That's all there is to it!

I have a few more tips before you go!

The goal of any YouTuber is to grow their views and subscribers. Otherwise, why invest in video equipment or search for the perfect font? Consistent branding is key to achieving this growth.

You can probably spot your favorite YouTuber out of a cluster of videos because of their recognizable thumbnail. Build brand recognition by picking fonts and font colors, then sticking with them every time you make a thumbnail.

Raven Elyse does a great job branding her YouTube videos. The font is the same on each thumbnail, and a pink background surrounds the text. When her videos show up in my subscription box, I immediately recognize her thumbnail and know what to expect from her content.  

Let's say you find an image with a font you need for your YouTube thumbnail font collection. There's a way to find a font from an image in a few steps. I used What The Font to upload my image then selected the text with the crop box. All that's left is to click the blue circle to see the results. Below are my results, and the first suggestion is a match!

It's not always a perfect match, but it's a great starting point. For optimal results, use an image with horizontal text and place the crop box around one line of text.

I hope this article helped you find YouTube thumbnail fonts for your next video! Stay tuned for more content by subscribing to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp. Make sure to tag us on social media so we can see what you make with Kapwing! Check out the articles below for related content.

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