Starting a YouTube career is the perfect covid-safe, socially-distant activity to pick up this winter. If you're missing the events and social outings that you used to put on makeup for, "Get ready with me" tutorials might be the best way to practice and show off new beauty routines. Creating the perfect makeup tutorial just takes passion, a camera and the right editing tools.

So whether you’re already a professional in the cosmetics industry or simply an at-home makeup enthusiast, this tutorial will show you how to make a YouTube Makeup Video. Makeup tutorials are relevant brands and lifestyle influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Now, I'll show you how to create a makeup tutorial with these steps:

  1. Find a good spot to film
  2. Record yourself confidently
  3. Edit using Kapwing Studio
  4. Add subtitles
  5. Export and share your makeup tutorial

1. Film your video in a well-lit, clean space

It’s best to film your tutorial in a place with good lighting and minimal distractions. If you want to take your video to the next level, consider filming in front of a white or solid colored backdrop and investing in studio lights like beauty guru James Charles.

Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup

However if this isn’t possible, try filming in a bright room near a window. Propping your camera near a window can help cast soft lighting and illuminate your appearance on camera! A clean bedroom or bathroom with natural lighting, like the setups in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series also works as the perfect makeup tutorial setting. The goal is to make sure your beauty shines on camera!

Yara Shahidi's Guide to Summer-Ready Eye Makeup | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

2. Film the entire makeup tutorial from start to finish

When you're getting started, don't be a perfectionist – you can cut out the mistakes and blips in the post production editing stage. Just show off your most confident self! First film the entire makeup tutorial from start to finish, and then you can cut and trim the footage after in the Kapwing Studio.

As you apply your makeup, you can talk to the camera and explain the techniques you’re doing, describe which brushes you’re using, or even talk about your day. If talking on camera isn’t your thing, you can film it normally and add in the music or voice over during the editing process.

Get Ready With Me! Girls Night

If you choose to speak as you film the makeup look, make sure to speak up and frame the camera farther from you to include your shoulders, so the readers can see you speaking and watch your body language. This will ensure the video is more personal and less robotic or stiff. If you rather add a voice over, you can film closer to your face.

3. Display your personality in your editing

No one wants to watch an awkward 30 minute long makeup tutorial, which is why you should show off your personality through your edits! In the Kapwing Studio, you can play around with transitions, fonts and even add in copyright-free music, to help you establish your own distinct editing style. Head to and upload your clips to the Kapwing Studio. From there, you can trim, merge and speed up clips, add exciting graphics or choose from the various text options.

Golden Glam GRWM

Since you’re creating a makeup tutorial, it’s important to use text to highlight the names of the makeup products you’re using. Beauty Youtuber Jenn Im always lists the product names in her videos using fun fonts and text decor. Kapwing’s text editor tool offers a wide variety of different text fonts, colors, styles and alignments, perfect for listing product names. If you want your text to stand out even more, use the animate feature!

4. Add subtitles

YouTube recently announced they’re retiring their Community Captions feature, despite its importance in providing video accessibility to its platform’s users. Though this decision poses a huge setback for the deaf and hearing-disabled communities, adding captions can easily be done using Kapwing.

Upload your video (or a link to it in the URL field) and wait a few seconds for Kapwing to process the video. Once it's uploaded, you’ll be able to type in your subtitles, adjust the timing and choose between different colors, fonts and styles.

5. Export and download your video

Once your makeup tutorial is perfect and ready to be posted, export your video by clicking the red export video button in the upper righthand corner. Wait a few seconds and your video will be ready for you to download and post to YouTube!

After sharing your video on social media, don’t forget to tag us @KapwingApp! We’d love to see what creative videos or art you make! Make sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our Resources page for even more helpful tutorials and social media tips and tricks.

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