How to Easily Convert HEVC to MP4 Online

Convert HEVC to MP4 files in a matter of seconds to make your video content easily accessible across platforms and devices.

How to Easily Convert HEVC to MP4 Online

Given that most of today's content is higher quality or in 4K resolution, files are getting bigger in size. This leads to various incompatibility issues. Videos recorded from your iPhone 13 can seem incredibly realistic and have an astonishing quality to it, but to view your video on your computer or TV, you need a hefty processor to be able to handle the size of it.

From here, you either need to do one of two things: have a device that is compatible with the HEVC file format, or directly convert HEVC to MP4. The former is possible, but you'd be unable to share it with others unless they also have a compatible player.

In that case, we'll explore how to convert your HEVC file into a MP4 so you're able to upload it to more apps and devices, making your content more accessible across platforms.

What is HEVC?

HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) is a new video compression standard that keeps your video files compressed more than 50% of your typical AVC files without losing its video quality. Today, HEVC is being used by many broadcasters and streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon, to compress higher quality, 4K resolution video files and make streaming video content effortless.

Converting HEVC to MP4

HEVC is great in its ability to compress bulky, high quality videos, but it can’t play on common video players and devices (like Rokus, PlayStations, Adobe Premiere, etc). This causes compatibility issues for most people.

To battle this, most HEVC files have a .MOV extension. If you airdrop a video from your iPhone to your Mac OS, it's still an HEVC file, but it will automatically be downloaded with the .MOV extension. This allows your computer to be able to open and view your file. It's also good to note that this works for iPhones with updated softwares from iOS 11 or later.

If you still can't view your videos on the players you use, then you're in luck. You can convert HEVC to MP4 files easily by following the next two steps.

  1. Upload your HEVC video to Kapwing.
  2. Export and download.

Step 1: Upload your HEVC video to Kapwing.

Open the Kapwing Studio Editor and upload your video. You can either choose to upload from your computer or paste the link to your video. If you have multiple video clips, you can drag and upload them all at once over the “Click to upload” box, or drag them in the “Add media” box on the left sidebar.

Once you've dropped your HEVC video into the Studio to upload, it will automatically convert your HEVC file into the MP4 format.

Step 2: Export and download.

When your video has been fully converted and uploaded, click "Export Video" in the top right corner of your workspace and download your project. Now you're all set!

If you want to enhance your video by adding background music or auto-subtitles, Kapwing can do that for you too. This is a full-featured tool that you can use to streamline your workflow across all your photo, video, and audio-editing needs.

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