You can’t post a billion photos on Instagram at once (well, you could, but your followers wouldn’t appreciate it), so what’s the next-best solution?

A photo slideshow, obviously. Kapwing’s Slideshow Maker takes photos (and GIFs and clips) and turns them into video — and you can add text and music with other tools, too. All for free. Photo slideshows are also an amazing way to make stop motion videos, claymations, birthday videos, text animations, and much more.

In this article, I’ll share how you can make a video out of multiple photos using this online tool in four steps:

  1. Open Kapwing’s Slideshow Maker
  2. Upload your photos
  3. Choose your size and speed options
  4. Create and download

Step One: Open Kapwing’s Slideshow Maker

The Slideshow Maker tool will look something like the above, depending on whether you’re using a desktop, phone, tablet, or Chromebook. Press the “Get Started” button and we’re off to…

Step Two: Upload Your Photos

…This page, a blank editor. Upload as many photos as you want — via your computer or a pasted URL, if the media is on Google Drive or YouTube — just keep in mind the video maxes out at the one-minute mark. (We’re uploading some sweet photos of US national parks to pretend it’s still summer and we’re outdoors hiking.)

As you upload them, you’ll see a preview of your video looping on the left. You can pause, rewind, or manually manipulate your video via the scroller bar to control the preview. (You can also upload GIFs or videos — Kapwing supports them all). Got ’em all uploaded?

Step Three: Choose Your Size and Speed Options

From here, take a look at the left-hand column labeled “Montage Options.” Here’s what you can manipulate:

    1. Dimensions. Change the aspect ratio of your output video. There’s options for Instagram, Stories, and Facebook, of course.
    1. Zoom. The tool will crop all your photos to match size, or it’ll add padding as a border.
    1. Image duration. Choose anything from .2 to 5 seconds.

Don’t forget that you can also drag the photos around to re-order them (and click “remove” to delete them, of course).

Step Four: Create!

Click the red “Create” button on the bottom left to process your slideshow video. You’ll be taken to a screen like this:

That’s the Kapwing Kittens doing their magic. And then…

It exists! Download your slideshow video, edit it some more, or sign into your Kapwing account to remove the watermark.

Remember: You don’t have to stop there — take the video and add audio or text, loop it, (put your thang down, flip it, and) reverse it, or utilize any of the other practically infinite options Kapwing offers for free.

**Conclusion: Why use Kapwing? **

There are many other tools out there for creating photo slideshows, but we think Kapwing is the best photo slideshow maker. Here’s several reasons why:

  1. You don’t have to download anything to use it. It just works.
  2. You don’t need to create an account to sign in #privacy
  3. You can automatically resize to the aspect ratio you want for social media
  4. It works for photos, GIFs, and videos
  5. You can import images directly from Google Images or any other website
  6. It’s extremely fast
  7. It’s free forever. There is a small watermark on the output video, but the watermark is small and discrete.
  8. It’s a legit site with no ads. Kapwing is a real company, not a spammy site with huge ads and neon buttons.

Happy editing! Looking forward to seeing all of the photo slideshows roll it.