You can’t post a billion photos on Instagram at once (well, you could, but your followers wouldn’t appreciate it), so what’s the next-best solution?

A photo slideshow, obviously. Kapwing’s Slideshow Maker takes photos (and GIFs and clips) and turns them into video — and you can add text and music with other tools, too. All for free. Photo slideshows are also an amazing way to make stop motion videos, claymations, birthday videos, text animations, and much more.

In this article, I’ll share how you can make a video out of multiple photos using this online tool in four steps:

  1. Open Kapwing’s Slideshow Maker
  2. Upload your photos
  3. Choose your size and speed options
  4. Edit Slideshow
  5. Publish

Step One: Open Kapwing’s Slideshow Maker

The Slideshow Maker tool will look something like the below screenshot, depending on whether you’re using a desktop, phone, tablet, or Chromebook. Kapwing's slideshow maker is free with no watermark and works on iPhones, Androids, Windows, and Macs. Press the “Get Started” button and we’re off to…

Slideshow maker -- Combine photos

Step Two: Upload Your Photos

Blank montage maker
Blank montage maker

…This page, a blank editor. Now it's time to combine photos together into a single cohesive MP4.

Upload as many photos as you want — via your computer or a pasted URL, if the media is on Google Drive, Facebook, or YouTube — just keep in mind the video maxes out at the one-minute mark. I uploaded my photos by drag and dropping the PNG and JPG files from my Documents folder.

Upload via drag and drop

As you upload them, you’ll see a preview of your video looping on the left. You can pause, rewind, or manually manipulate your video via the scroller bar to control the preview. (You can also upload GIFs or videos — Kapwing supports them all). Got ’em all uploaded?

You can also drag the photos around to re-order them and click “remove” to delete them. At the bottom of the Scene view, click "Add blank scene" to insert an outro, credits, or title slide.

turn photos into a GIF

Step Three: Choose Your Size and Speed Options

Make photo slideshow on an iphone

Take a look at the left-hand column with Video Options. Here’s what you can manipulate:

  1. Layer Positioning. The tool will crop all your photos to match size, or it’ll add padding as a border. Choose "fit with border" to avoid cropping out content.
  2. Aspect Ratio. Change the dimensions or aspect ratio of your output video. There’s options for Instagram, Stories, and Facebook, of course. You can also input an exact pixel size with the "Custom Size" feature
  3. Background Color: Change the background of your slideshow to any color you want.
  4. Image duration. On each scene, use the "Edit duration" or the stopwatch button to edit how long that photo lasts in the slideshow. Choose anything from .2 to 10 seconds, or use the "Timeline" button to set a custom duration. Change the length of one specific scene or click the "Apply to ALL images" button to make a global change for every scene.
image duration modal

Finally, you can also change the "Output type" in "Settings." This allows you to combine the photos into a GIF and create a custom GIF file.

Step Four: Edit Slideshow

Now that all of your photos have been uploaded to new scenes, you can edit your slideshow by adding text, title slides, animations, music and more. From the slideshow view, click "Edit in Studio" to get more options (return to the Scenes view using the "Scenes" button in the toolbar).

Photo scenes in studio

  • Text: Add text layers to describe what is happening each photo, insert annotations, or add comments. For example, you might add the location where a photo was taken or the date.
  • Animations: Make your photos transition in by using the "Animate" tab. Photos can fade, flicker, or vibrate.
  • Layout: Create collages, crop your images or add shapes to make custom designs on each scene.
Scenes in studio

  • Music: Add music to the montage by clicking the "Audio" tab. You can import a song from a YouTube URL or upload an MP3 to append to your picture slideshow. Add multiple audio tracks by dropping song files into the Timeline.

Step Five: Publish

Watch the photo montage all the way through to make sure that it looks correct. After you've confirmed that your video looks like what you want it to look like, click the red “Publish” button to process your slideshow video into an MP4. You’ll be taken to a screen like this:

Processing page

That’s the Kapwing Kittens doing their magic, burning your picture slideshow together into one MP4 file. And then…

Final download page
Final download page

It exists! Once processing has finished, you can download your slideshow video, edit it some more, or sign into your Kapwing account to remove the watermark for free. Just like that, you're a movie maker!

Remember: You don’t have to stop there — take the video and add audio or text, loop it, (put your thang down, flip it, and) reverse it, or utilize any of the other practically infinite options Kapwing offers for free.

Conclusion: Why use Kapwing?

There are many other websites out there for creating photo slideshows, but we think Kapwing is the best Online Video Maker. Here’s several reasons why we recommend Kapwing's editing tools:

  1. You don’t have to download anything to use it. It just works.
  2. You don’t need to create an account to sign in #privacy
  3. You can automatically resize to the aspect ratio you want for social media
  4. It works for photos, GIFs, and video clips. You can combine any file type together without worrying about FPS or other complex export settings.
  5. You can import images directly from Google Images or any other website.
  6. It’s extremely fast. Videos process faster than they would on your own device.
  7. It’s free forever.
  8. It’s a legit site with no ads. Kapwing is a real company, not a spammy site with huge ads and neon buttons.

Happy editing! Once you save your photo video from Kapwing, you can share it with your friends or publish it on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Looking forward to seeing all of the photo slideshows roll it.