Adding pictures to a video allows creators to watermark a video, cover up a blemish, or embed a photo. Many people believe that you need to download a video editing program or app to add a picture to a video, but you can achieve the same effect with a simple, free online tool.

In this article, I’ll explain how to add pictures to a video using a free website called Kapwing. You don’t need any video expertise to use Kapwing; just follow this step by step tutorial to put images on top of your video.

  1. Upload Video
  2. Add picture
  3. Size and position
  4. Publish and download

Step 1: Upload Video

Open Kapwing’s Studio and click “Get Started.” Then, upload your video. You can either upload the file from your phone or computer or you can paste a link to a URL if the video is already on YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or some other website.

Upload Video screenshot
Upload Modal

Step 2: Add picture

Once your video preview loads, click the “Upload” button in the toolbar to insert a picture. You can drag-and-drop a file to upload it and overlay it on your video, or you can paste the link to an image.

Once the picture is uploaded, use the "Adjust" tool to make it semi-transparent, the "Crop" tool to cut out a certain section, the "Erase" tool to remove the background, the rotate handle to tilt it, or the "outline" option to add a colored border.

You can also choose from the “Shapes” menu. Insert a rectangle, circle, star, line, speech bubble, or other shapes with a custom outline, fill color, and opacity. Shapes can help you redact a video, cover up, or blur spots in the video.

Shapes screenshot

You can also use Kapwing to search for an image. Click on the “Images” button and type whatever you want a picture in the search bar. It’s perfect for stock photos, logos, memes, stickers, bobbleheads, and more.

Search for and add a surprised Pikachu image
Search for and add a surprised Pikachu image

Kapwing supports videos, images, and GIFs, so you can add a picture or overlay a video inside of the video.

Step 3: Size and position

Use the corners of the layers to resize the picture and position it on top of the video. The "Lock Ratio" button will make it so that your picture doesn't get cropped as you drag it. Creators can also add custom text, background colors, borders, and music .

Use the “Timeline” button to make your picture appear and disappear after a certain time.

Timeline in Studio

Step 4: Create and download

Once your video preview looks correct, click “Publish” to process your video. For a couple of minutes, the Kapwing Kittens will burn your video together in the cloud. Then, you’ll have the video with a picture on top of it that you can share and publish.

Download page

You can also go back and edit your video if you made a mistake or want to choose a different video.

That’s how you add pictures to your video. Kapwing can be used all around the world to help brands and SMBs make branded, custom formats with free online tools). I hope it helps!  As always, please reach out to me with comments and questions!