You might know what Byte is, but you might not quite yet – the short-form social video app is still pretty new, having been released in January. But after a slow few months of growth, the app is surging again in July.

That’s because a bunch of countries, most notably India, have banned TikTok, which has dominated the social video sharing scene for a while now. And with blockbuster news reports that the United States might follow suit, a TON of creators are downloading Byte just in case things go south.

But making video content on Byte is uncharted territory for most creators, and if you’ve built any following on TikTok, you’ll want to get started on Byte as quickly as possible. One major part of TikTok content is totally different on Byte, for example: adding music. TikTok is largely built around the sounds that people add to their videos, and trends come and go based on songs alone. Here’s how to add any music you want to your Byte videos:

  1. Record or find a video
  2. Trim it to 15 seconds and add your music in Kapwing
  3. Download & share on Byte

OR: Follow this YouTube tutorial on adding music to Byte videos instead!

1. Record or find a video

Here’s the easy part: if you want to add your own sounds to your Byte video, you should record it with your camera app or use a video you already recorded. If you record your video in the Byte app, you’ll only be able to add tracks from their built-in royalty-free audio library.

2. Trim it to 15 seconds and add your music in Kapwing

Once you’ve recorded or found the video you want to share, head over to and select “Start Editing” to go to the Kapwing Studio. Here, you can select “Upload” and find the video in your camera roll. If you want to share part of a video you found online, or if you want to post one of your TikTok videos to your new Byte account, you can also paste a link to upload it directly to the Studio, audio and all.

Once you’re in the Studio, you can select your video, choose “Edit video,” and select “Trim.” Byte’s restrictions are in between Vine and TikTok – you can share videos up to 15 seconds long. Trim your video to any segment under 15 seconds long and choose “Done” to return to the Studio.

Now, scroll through the top toolbar and select “Audio.” Here, you can upload your music the same way you uploaded your video, either from your device or using a link from somewhere on the internet. Copying the link to a YouTube video with the song you want, for example, is one of the easiest ways to add your music. Once your track is in the Studio, you can trim it to the portion you want to use and change when it starts playing on your video.

3. Download & share on Byte

Once your video is ready to go, hit the red “Publish” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Give Kapwing a minute to process your video and select “Download” when you’re done – if you’re using an older version of iOS, you might need to download the Kapwing app in order to save your video.

Once you’ve added your music and downloaded your video, it’s time to open the Byte app, press the middle button at the bottom of the screen, and hit the “three-lines” button under the record button. Choose “Insert clip” and find your recent video in your camera roll. Make sure everything looks good, add your caption, and share your video to your new Byte audience!

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