For aspiring YouTubers, The first video marks the beginning of an exciting journey. How you show up sets the course for future content.

Creators aren't the only ones partaking in a new adventure. Viewers hitting the subscribe button are virtually hopping on-board to join the ride. With every video you post, subscribers are right there cheering you on while you grow. After a while, you'll look back at that first YouTube video and be glad you took that step.

Until then, shake off the nerves and grab a notebook to jot down a few ideas. In this article, I'm sharing first YouTube video ideas to introduce your channel to the world!

First YouTube Video Ideas

Before beginning, consider your niche to prioritize YouTube topics that make sense for your channel. Consistent content that aligns with your niche builds long-term subscribers. When your video appears in their subscription feed, they know what to expect.

Meet the Team Video

For growing startups, a quick introduction video goes a long way. A few minutes can clarify your mission, company culture, and values. Highlight the internal team and give an office tour for prospects to visualize a day work. Try adding background music and fun facts to humanize your business.

Day in the Life Video

Record the hustle and bustle of a typical day to connect with viewers on a deeper level. Creators ranging from stay-at-home mom's to Twitch streamers have shared spontaneous moments from a day's work. Consider prepping the night before to remember what to film. What time does your stay start? What's on your to-do list? Record often and from different angles to keep the content interesting.

Random Facts About Me Video

Do you have a hidden talent or an interesting hobby? A random facts about me video answers these intriguing questions and more. In this video, reminiscent of Vogue's 73 questions videos, Kapwing CEO, Julia Enthoven answers rapid-fire interview questions.

Questions ranged from, "What was your first job" to "Coffee or tea?" You can record in this style or film a sit-down video with questions prepared beforehand. Either way, these videos give an up-close and personal look at interviewees viewers will appreciate.  

Draw my Life Video

If you have a passion for drawing and story-telling, a draw my life video is the way to go. YouTubers draw their story on a whiteboard, then add narration as the video plays in fast-motion. This is an artistic way to present lesser-known details about the person behind the camera. You can be vulnerable or keep the story light-hearted and humorous.

Channel Trailer Video

Regardless of your niche, it's a good idea to upload a channel trailer. Unsubscribed viewers will see the channel trailer and description when they visit your page. Think about movie trailers and the impact they have in two minutes. You're given just enough information to care, but not too much so viewers stick around for more. Introduce yourself, explain what viewers can anticipate, and insert a call-to-action.

My Filming Set-Up

Fellow content creators, new and seasoned will appreciate a filming set up video. Tips and tricks to get the perfect lighting, equipment, and background are always appreciated. I recommend inserting a side-by-side comparison to show the difference in quality with and without your current set-up.

Unboxing Video

An unboxing video gives users an inside look at an anticipated product with a thorough review. The more details, the better. For beauty channels, swatch products, describe first impressions, prices, and where you can purchase items.

Overhead shots work well for unboxing electronics and assembling accessories that come with it. Show the product from different angles and where functions are located on the device. If possible, insert a clip with the product in-action.

Product Review

Product reviews are similar to unboxing videos, but with a greater understanding of the product. You've gotten past first impressions and can give substantive opinions about the product. Is it worth the hype? Did it meet your expectations? The best product reviews I've seen include clips of the product being used over the course of a week. Depending on the product, the quality could change for better or worse overtime.

How-To Tutorials

Kick off your channel as an expert in your niche with a how-to tutorial. You can use Reddit or Quora to find frequently asked questions, then decide on a topic. Try to be as resourceful as possible. Provide clear instructions, tips and tricks to make the task easier, and answer common questions viewers are searching for to cover all bases.

Reaction Video

There's nothing better than a friend reciprocating feelings towards content you shared. This is the magic behind reaction videos. Viewers watch a person or group react to a familiar video, anticipating similar sentiments. When it happens, a connection has been made. For a successful reaction video, get comfortable, be authentic, and find a trendy video. Press record and let the reaction flow.  

I hope this article provided interesting first YouTube video ideas to launch a successful channel. Subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube to watch trendy tutorials and our creator weekly series. Stay in the loop with content by following us at @KapwingApp. We're happy to hear your feedback and feel free to tag in projects made with Kapwing.

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