The Best YouTube Chrome Extensions for Video Creators

The job of a YouTuber ranges from writing, editing, recording, and optimizing videos. Thankfully, there are Chrome extensions to help with these tasks. In this article, I’m sharing YouTube Chrome Extensions for every video creator.

The Best YouTube Chrome Extensions for Video Creators

A YouTuber's job is hardly over when the recording stops. Optimizing videos takes time and without the right tools, this task can be time-consuming.

How many times have you typed, then retyped a description only to find errors the next day? Maybe you've missed a tag or two. There's a long list of items to check off before clicking upload. Ideally, tools to manage this checklist are accessible, easy-to-use, and cut down on time spent at the computer. YouTube Chrome extensions are a great option to manage tasks right in your browser.

In this article, I’m sharing YouTube extensions every video creator should know about. Take a moment to review each one, and make a choice based on your needs.


It comes to no surprise that TubeBuddy is first on this list. This extension is coveted by YouTubers, new and seasoned for its optimization and management tools. I’ll cover a few features to show TubeBuddy’s impact.

Before sharing a video, there's a few items to optimize. The title, description, and tags should be filled out with relevant keywords. From the upload screen, an integrated checklist appears. The template contains tasks to complete like, “write a compelling title,” and can be modified to meet your needs.

If you’re overwhelmed with answering the same question in the comment section, try the Canned Responses tool. Canned responses are pre-written messages to common questions. You can add a placeholder for usernames so canned responses are personalized with each use.

A routine publishing schedule keeps your content calendar in check while subscribers are regularly entertained. The Scheduled Published tool lets you set the date, time, and time zone for the video to go live. You can schedule the video to be unlisted or public and add it to a specific playlist.


Typos happen to the best of us and we seem to catch it after uploading a video. That's why the Grammarly extension is a must for YouTubers.

Once you add the extension to your browser, Grammarly identifies writing errors in real-time. While writing descriptions, Grammarly's icon appears in the bottom corner. Misspelled words are underlined and the icon turns red. A green icon appears when descriptions are free of typos. Try this extension to save yourself the headache from revising descriptions.

Page Marker

Page Marker is a handy extension when you need to annotate a web page on Chrome. You can adjust the color and size of the marker to draw, underline, and write on the screen. The highlighter brush is great for emphasizing text and areas of the screen that are important. Whether you’re a teacher screen-recording a lesson or live-streaming a tutorial, consider trying the Page Marker tool.

Additional Feature: Capture and download an image of your annotated screen with the screenshot tool.

vidIQ Vision

vidIQ Vision is another Chrome extension with indispensable features to supercharge your channel’s growth. I’m sharing features from the free plan, starting with the scorecard.

The scorecard compiles YouTube analytics into one place for easy access. You can review average view time, top devices, like ratio, and estimated earnings without the hassle of clicking ten different tabs. These stats and more make up your vidIQ score and determine the likelihood of videos appearing in related videos, YouTube search, and the front page.

On YouTube, you’ll notice a real-time stats bar at the top of the screen. You can see views from the last hour, two days, and one week. You can toggle stats on and off to review what matters to you.

For new YouTubers striving to become a partner, toggle on hours watched. Each day you can track your progress towards achieving 4000 hours. Whether you’re watching a video or responding to comments, stats are conveniently available on every page.

Additional feature: While the controversial keywords section is a part of the pro plan, it may be worth considering with stricter YouTube policies in place. You can safeguard your channel from demonetization by reviewing potentially harmful keywords.

Enhancer for YouTube

The final Chrome extension on my list is Enhancer for YouTuber. If user experience matters to you, consider downloading this extension. You can choose between 15 dark themes to reduce eye-strain from those long hours spent editing. Repeatedly reaching for the mouse, then typing can lead to discomfort. The mouse and keyboard shortcuts saves time, improves productivity, and relieves pain.You can easily, change the volume, speed, and fast-forward or rewind a video.  

Streamline Content Creation with Kapwing

To completely streamline the content creation process, try an online editor. This will drastically save time and resources without forgoing quality. Once you upload and edit a video, simply navigate to YouTube to complete the remaining tasks.

Kapwing, a free browser-based editing suite empowers creators to make videos users can proudly share. There are free tools such as Add Subtitle to Video to make content accessible, and the Convert Video Tool turns media into the format you need. The timeline is user-friendly for splitting, trimming, and rearranging as many video layers as you want.

The slideshow maker works well for story-time videos and school projects to impress the class. Add custom background music and thoughtful text to ace the assignment. Thanks to screen-recording, reaction videos can be made right in your browser.

By now, I'm sure you have a list of YouTube Chrome extensions to choose from to manage your channel. Stick around for more content by subscribing to Kapwing App on YouTube. We post trendy TikTok tutorials each week to help you go viral. You can find us on Twitter at @KapwingApp for updates. Feel free to reach out with ideas and suggestions!

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