PNG Maker

Make any JPG photo a transparent PNG, or create your own from scratch

Easily make the perfect PNG file

Most pictures you see online are rectangular, with no transparent sections. PNG files, however, can support transparent areas, so they can be shaped however you want. They’re perfect for logos, signatures, overlays, watermarks, and emotes for Twitch, Discord, or Slack.

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How to Convert JPG Images into PNG

Start by uploading any image to the Kapwing Studio from your device, or paste a link from anywhere on the web. In the Studio, click the Transparent option under Background Color to make your canvas transparent. Then, use the Erase tool to remove any part of your photo, using both the Magic Wand and precision Erase tools. You can also round the corners of your image using the Corners slider in the Studio.

When you export your image, it will be processed as a PNG which you can save directly to your device or share on social media! This image file will have fully or partially transparent sections that you removed in the Studio, so it’s ready to overlay on other images or videos or use as a custom emoji in platforms that use them.

Kapwing Studio also supports a large library of text animations as well as special effects that you can apply to your GIF. You can remove the background of a video, for example, and add a different background to convert to a funny GIF to share with friends.

When your project is all ready to go, export it as a GIF file and either download it to your device or share it directly to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. These animated files are ideal for quick comments, meme formats, and in-text video embeds.

PNG Maker
  1. Upload your image

    Upload the image that you'd like to turn into a PNG. You can also start from scratch and add things like overlays or text.

  2. Edit your PNG

    Using Studio, resize and modify your png image the way that you'd like in order to get the perfect final result

  3. Share your PNG

    Download your new PNG image and share directly on social media. You can also save it to your device.

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