Green Screen Video Editor

Chroma key background removal made easy with Kapwing
Upload or paste a link to a video to get started!

How it works

  1. Apply effect

    Upload a video from your device, or use a link to a video from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, ect. Then, click the Chroma Key button in the Effects tab. From there, choose which channel to key out: we currently support Green and Blue, as well as Key to Color for removing a specific color value.

  2. Adjust the threshold

    If you are using Key to Color, select the color value you want to remove. Use the Threshold slider or sliders to adjust the tolerance of the removal filter. If you want to remove a wider range of color values, move the slider to the right. If you want the range to be narrower, slide it to the left.

  3. Export & download/share!

    Upload or search for a new background using the Upload or Images buttons in the upper toolbar. When everything looks just right, hit the Export button and give Kapwing some time to process your project. Once it’s done, you can download your finished video or share it directly on social media!

Chroma Key compositing for your videos

The easiest way to remove a background color from your video online

Chroma Key has been a key visual-effects technique (pardon the pun) for over fifty years. The ability to composite people and objects onto a variety of backgrounds has changed the way we think about video production and expanded the scope of what is possible with visual storytelling. Now with Kapwing, anyone can use this technique to make video magic without having to download complicated software.

Kapwing’s Chroma Key tool lets you process any green/blue screen video, or key out a background color of your choice, all for free and online. Open the Kapwing Studio and upload your video (or use a link to a video on the web). With your video layer selected, click the "Effects” tab and select the "Chroma Key" option. Choose the channel or color you want to key out, and use the threshold sliders to fine-tune your results. Add new backgrounds, frame your canvas, trim your video, and more to make a polished, professional video to download or share across all your social media channels.

The Kapwing Studio is the easiest place to make videos online – no watermark, no downloads required, no hassle. We hope you enjoy making your videos with Kapwing!

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