You filmed an amazing YouTube video, and now it’s time to add the final touches. Bring your video to life with the help of sound effects!

The key to evoking a desired response, like smashing the like button and hitting the notification bell, is finding the right sound. The search just got quicker with the help of free sound effect videos from creators.  

In this article, I’m sharing where to find popular sound effects for YouTube and how to use them with a free online video editor!

To access some of the sound effects for YouTube, you'll need to extract it from the YouTube video and download the audio as an MP3. In Kapwing, you can quickly grab the sound you want. Paste a URL to the Convert Video Online Tool to extract the sound effect, and convert the video to an MP3.


Subscribe Sound Effects

Let’s start with a few essential sound effects for YouTube. This video by Glimmers Editing has a bell sound effect that’s helpful when encouraging viewers to click the notification bell. The bottle cork sound effect may be the most coveted because of its versatility. You can use this sound with text overlays and additional pop ups. Enhance an animated subscribe button with the mouse click effect as you encourage viewers to stick around for more content.

Try adding a compelling call-to-action at the beginning to capture as many people as possible before they exit. The retention rate lowers as the duration of a video increases. According to Neil Patel, 5-10 minute videos have a 50% retention rate, while 2-3 minute videos have a 60% retention rate.

Storytime YouTube Sound Effects

This YouTube video by My Little Corner is a compilation of 30 sound effects YouTubers in the storytime niche will appreciate. The tape rewind sound effect is great for flashback sequences. Time travel to recall details from the past to develop a story. To emphasize unexpected twists and jaw-dropping turns, try the DJ scratch sound effect.

What’s an embarrassing story without awkward silence and the crickets sound effect? In the description, you’ll see a link to a Google drive where you can download each sound as an MP3.

True Crime YouTube Sound Effects

Let’s say you’re a YouTuber in the true-crime niche and need suspense sound effects to amp up the drama like Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes. This video has seven suspenseful sounds to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Add sound effects to create a successful jump scare or set the tone of a chilling moment in a story.

Let’s review how to add sound effects to a video, then upload the final version to YouTube.

I’ll be using Kapwing, a free video editor you can access in a browser. Click Get Started then drag and drop a video. You can upload videos that are no larger than 250MB to Kapwing for free. Click Timeline at the top left corner, then Upload to insert a sound effect.

Click and drag the file to the desired position. I recommend replaying the video a few times to ensure the sound effect is in sync with an event. Accurate timing is crucial if you want the sound effect to make an impact. To trim the audio, click and drag the beginning or end of the clip.

To save the video to your computer, click the red Export Video button. Once the video processes, you'll see an option to download. Make sure to sign in to your free Kapwing account to remove the watermark, then click Download.

To upload videos from Kapwing to YouTube, sign in to your account, then click, Create followed by, Upload Videos. Youtube Studio will open, then you can upload the video. That's it! While the video loads, add a title, description, thumbnail, and tags.

I hope this article helped you add and find sound effects for YouTube videos! For more content, subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp. Make sure to tag us when sharing something online. We love to see what you make!

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