Speeding up TikTok videos can add a creative flair to your content, but what if you wanted to speed up a video that's not yours?

With the help of an online video editor, you can speed up someone else's TikTok video to improve the viewing experience and make additional edits. Take your new and improved video and stitch it to another or download it to your device to watch at another time. TikTok also has tools for creators to speed up videos filmed or uploaded in the app. I'll cover both options so you're set for any occasion. Let's get started!  

How to Speed up Videos on TikTok

Let's begin by speeding up videos filmed within TikTok. In no time, you'll be making eye-catching, fast-motion videos from your phone.

  1. Open TikTok on your iPhone or Android and tap the + tab.
  2. Tap speed and choose 2x or 3x then tap the red button to begin recording. If you're speeding up a prerecorded video, tap upload and the speed icon above the video layer.
  3. Tap next to watch your video play in fast-motion
screenshot of three TikTok screens showing how to speed up videos

You can add filters, effects, sounds, and text to make your TikTok video stand out and capture likes and views. You can find popular sounds on discover page and if nothing appeals to you, trying making your own sound for TikTok. Tap next when you're done editing then post your video to TikTok.

How to Speed up Any TikTok Video

Currently, TikTok doesn't allow you to speed up videos that belong to someone else. Once the video begins, you have watch it at a normal speed. Even the slightest increase in speed could improve your viewing experience or add a fun twist to a video. With Kapwing, you can speed up any TikTok video in a few easy steps. Let's jump into the tutorial.

Step One: Open the Change Video Speed Tool

Get started, by heading over to Kapwing, then select tools, and click the change video speed tool. Kapwing is a free browser-based video editor you can access on any iPhone, Android, Tablet or PC. For this tutorial, I'm using my laptop and it's best to use a Chrome browser.

screenshot of the change video speed tool by Kapwing

Paste a link to any TikTok video. Yes, any TikTok video, including those that have download disabled. Once you paste the link, you'll be taken to Kapwing Studio. This beginner-friendly tool empower creators to edit media online and stores projects in the cloud for two days if you sign up for a free account.  

screenshot of Kapwing studio and an emoji pointing to a TikTok video

Step Three: Increase the Speed

Tap the plus sign next to speed to accelerate the TikTok video. You can choose 1.15x for a subtle increase, 2x to double the speed, and even 4x for a hyperspeed TikTok video. In this example, I increased the speed to 2x to double the speed. You can use the split tool to speed up specific parts of the TikTok video and detach the audio if you want it to maintain a normal pace. Right-click and select detach audio to create a separate audio layer.

screenshot of a TikTok video in Kapwing studio with emojis pointing to the speed changer and detach audio

Step Four: Export and Download

To save the video to your device, click export video, then download. You can remove the watermark by creating a free account with Kapwing. You're all set!

screenshot of Kapwing studio with an emoji pointing to export video

Thanks for following along and make sure to stick around for more tutorials. Check out our YouTube channel for the latest TikTok trends and follow us on Twitter to keep in touch.  

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