How to Make a Slow Motion Video

How to Make a Slow Motion Video

Do you want to relive a big moment frame by frame, or to adjust the speed of the slow-mo videos you recorded on your phone? There are a few good webapps you can use if you want to create and customize your slow motion content. But most of them don’t give you the control and customization that you want.

In this article I’ll walk you through how to create, edit, and share your video in slow motion using a free online tool called Kapwing. Kapwing is simple, convenient, easy to learn, and gives you the editing functions of high-powered video editing software. To create and edit a slow-mo video, you’ll need just four easy steps:

  1. Find the Video You Want to Slow Down
  2. Upload the Video to Kapwing
  3. Slow Your Video Down (And Edit to Perfection!)
  4. Publish and Share!

Step 1: Find the Video You Want to Slow Down

Kapwing makes it easy for you to create and edit videos from pretty much any source. You can upload videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any online video source. Simply copy the link to the video you’d like to slow down!

You can also upload any video you have recorded or downloaded on your computer, phone, or tablet. If you want to use a file that you have on your device, make sure you know how to find it in your file browser, or have it saved in a location where you can click and drag it conveniently into your browser!

Step 2: Upload the Video to Kapwing

Once you’ve downloaded your video or saved a video link, go to From here, you have a couple of options:

  1. Go directly to Kapwing’s “Products” page and scroll down to find the “Video Speed Changer” tool. This is a streamlined and easy way to make a slow motion video – it’s a great option if you want to make your video quickly with no hassle. Simply upload the file from your computer or paste a video link, Kapwing does the work, and you choose your video speed!

  1. Go to the Kapwing Studio. From the Kapwing homepage, click “Get Started.” Now you’re in the Kapwing Studio, where you can use all of Kapwing’s tools in one place to edit and refine your content. You can upload the video you want to slow down by uploading the video file or by pasting the video link into the URL field.

Step 3: Slow Your Video Down (And Edit to Perfection!)

If you are slowing your video down using the first option, the speed adjustment tool, you can choose from the most common and useful speeds for a simple and easy edit! In the speed adjustment window you can also click “Trim Video” to trim your slow-mo video to the exact length you want!

If you’re using the Kapwing Studio to make your slow-mo video, make sure you’ve selected the video layer by clicking anywhere in the video. Under “Speed” in the main toolbar at the bottom of the window, click the plus and minus buttons to change your video’s speed to whatever you want!

Play around with your video speed!

There are plenty of other amazing tools in the Studio to help you make the perfect slow motion video. For example, if you want to want to add various different speeds, click the duplication button in the scene thumbnail (it looks like two little stacked rectangles). This automatically creates an identical copy of your scene.

Now, trim the first scene by clicking on the thumbnail on the left side of the window, selecting the video layer, and clicking “Trim Video.” Drag the right end of the trim bar to the place where you’d like the speed to change. To make small adjustments, click on the trim time and use your arrow keys until you’ve trimmed the video to where you’d like to change the speed.

By selecting the duplicate scene and trimming the left end of the trim bar to the same spot, you can change the speed of the video while it plays smoothly between the two clips!

Now you can edit the scenes to play at different speeds, and it will look like one continuous video! Here’s an example:

Slow down a big moment – make a video with several different speeds!

Step 4: Publish and Share!

Once you’ve edited your slow-mo video to perfection, click “Publish.” Kapwing will create an MP4 file for you to download and share. And if you ever want to make other edits or share the video with other people, just go to “My Account” from the Kapwing homepage and find the video in your library. This will allow you to download the video again, share it with your friends, or return to the Studio to make further edits!

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