One of the best features of social media is the ability to easily share content across a multitude of platforms. Whether you’re looking to share purely for your own enjoyment or to further a specific goal of yours — the array of options as to what, how, and where you can share is seemingly endless.

Now let’s say you’re attempting to share a YouTube video via Snapchat. Maybe you found the video entertaining or you are hoping to gain traction on your channel by announcing your latest video. Either way, the method to do so is quite simple. Let me break it down for you.

To Share Via Your Story:

  1. Copy the Link
  2. Create the Snap
  3. Paste and Upload

Head on over to YouTube and find the video you have in mind. Once you’re there, you are going to look for the little arrow labeled “Share.” Click on it and then copy the URL link that pops up.

Step 2: Create a Snap to Post

You have the link but now you need an image or clip to share on your Snapchat story. There are plenty of options as to what you can choose to post: take a picture, upload a screenshot or photo from your camera roll, or use Kapwing studio to make a cropped and edited video clip from the YouTube video.

To do so, you are going to head over to or the Kapwing app and find the “Resize Video” option within the Tools section. Paste the URL link of the YouTube video in the empty box and then select the “Story (Snap/Insta) or IGTV” resize option. Now, trim the video and combine your favorite clips as you see fit. Once you’re satisfied with the end product, you’re going to click on the “Create” option and then download the finished product!

Step 3: Paste and Upload

With your snap prepared, go and click on the little paper clip located on the right of the screen. Paste your copied URL link in the available bar and the YouTube video should immediately pop up. If all is well, click on the blue “Attach to Snap” button near the bottom. Now if users are to swipe up on your snapthey will be shown the YouTube video you have linked to the post. When you're done adding any additional text or stickers, select the bottom, left plus sign to upload to your story.

Sharing Via Direct Message

If you’re looking to share a YouTube video with only one friend on Snapchat, you can skip quite a few of these steps. Simply copy the link in the same manner indicated above and then head on back over to Snapchat. Find the recipient you wish to share the video with and swipe left on their name. In the text bar that pops up, paste the link to the video and it will automatically translate it into an official YouTube link. Pretty simple!

Get to sharing and remember to tag us @KapwingApp. We love to see the content you all post! Also, make sure to subscribe to our Resources page to see our constant stream of new posts with more tips and tricks!

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