How to Replace the Soundtrack of a Video

How to Replace the Soundtrack of a Video

If the background noise of your video is distracting, unnecessary or scratchy, you might want to replace it with a clear voiceover, song, or audio track. Although this task might seem complicated, it’s a simple switch from one audio channel to another, and you don’t need any video editing expertise to make the change. In this article, I’ll explain how to replace the soundtrack of your video with a different audio file using a free online tool called Kapwing.

This tutorial has four steps to replacing the soundtrack of a video:

  1. Upload your video
  2. Add the audio you want to use instead
  3. Mute the video’s soundtrack
  4. Create and share

Step 1: Upload your video

Start by opening up Kapwing’s Add Music tool. I recommend Kapwing as a video editing tool because it’s free, online, and fast. From the homepage, you can upload your video and get started. Either upload a video from your computer/phone or paste the URL to the video if it’s already online.

Screenshot of Kapwing's Add Music Tool

Step 2: Add the audio that you want to use instead

After a few seconds, your video will load in the editor. Below it, there is an area to upload the audio track you want to replace the original sound with. You can upload an MP3 or you can upload a video that has the audio track you want to extract. You can also paste the link to a video, if the soundtrack you want is on YouTube or another website.

Once you’ve uploaded your music or audio file, you’ll be able to hear it play with the original sound. You can adjust the start time of your music or trim down the audio to a certain section. If the audio is too short to last the full duration of the video, you can loop it to cover the whole length.

Step 3: Mute the video’s soundtrack

Click the “Mute Video” button in the upper right corner to silence the original sound. Play the video preview to make sure it sounds right and adjust your settings. Then, click the “Create Video” button to process the video and replace its sound with the new audio track.

Step 4: Create and share

Kapwing will take several seconds to process your video and return the MP4 to you with the new audio. After it processes, you can download the video with a fresh sound to publish on social media or share directly with friends. You can also share the URL of your webpage so that they can see the video on Kapwing.

Since Kapwing is based in the cloud, you also have the option to come back and edit the video later. Make sure to sign in, if you want to save your videos to your Kapwing account!

I hope this helps you replace the audio of your video with a new soundtrack. Kapwing is designed for creators, so please use it to promote your musical talents, narrate your stories, make memes with trending sound effects, and create  entertaining content. I’m looking forward to seeing all the replaced sounds you can come up with!