YouTube has been competing with Twitch in the gaming industry for a few years now, but there are a lot of popular Twitch features that separate the two from each other. One of these is Twitch Clips, which allows any viewer to create a short, separate video while someone is streaming or while watching their VOD. These clips can then be found on streamers’ profiles, searched publicly, or shared in chats and on social media.

Earlier this year, YouTube quietly released a feature called YouTube Clips, originally limited to gaming channels, but now becoming available on more and more large creators’ videos. They work a bit differently from Twitch clips, but you can use them for all the same things, as long as you know how. I’ll go over all you need to know about the new YouTube feature:

  1. How to Make YouTube Clips
  2. How to find and watch your Clips
  3. How to share Clips outside of YouTube
  4. How to download YouTube Clips

1. How to Make YouTube Clips

Making Clips on YouTube is just as simple as making them on Twitch, and they have the exact same time limits. When you’re watching a video from a channel with Clips enabled, you’ll see a Clip button with a scissors icon under the video’s title. Click this and the Clip tool will open on the right – you’ll see a preselected portion of 15 seconds, with your current time right in the middle.

A screenshot showing how to make clips in YouTube.

In the Clip tool, you can drag and drop the beginning and end of the clip, down to 5 seconds and up to a minute of video. You can drag the middle of the clip to move its location on the video, or drag and drop outside the clip selection on the right to move to other sections of the video. You can also make these edits using the time tracker on the video itself, but for longer videos this will be difficult to do precisely.

A screenshot showing how to select a clip in YouTube.

When you’ve selected the portion of the video to use as a Clip, add a title for the Clip – it can be anything up to 140 characters long. Select Share Clip and you can choose any option to share your new clip or copy its link, or you can exit the share window and access your Clip later.

2. How to Find and Watch Your Clips

A screenshot showing where Clips are found in YouTube.

Once you’ve created Clips, you can access them from your YouTube homepage. You’ll see an option labeled Your Clips just under Watch Later on the left side of your homepage on desktop, or in the Library tab in the YouTube mobile app. Selecting one of these clips will bring you to the clip itself, with the option of sharing the clip or viewing the whole video.

3. How to Share Clips Outside of YouTube

When you create a Clip or watch it afterward, you’ll see an option to share it elsewhere. This opens a menu of sharing options like Twitter and Facebook, plus a link you can copy to share the clip anywhere for people to watch on YouTube.

A screenshot of YouTube's sharing options for Clips.

YouTube Clips don’t allow sharing options for Instagram or TikTok, popular places for gamers to grow their audiences outside streaming platforms. For these options, you’ll need to save your clips straight to your files, so you can upload them straight to other platforms.

4. How to Download YouTube Clips

A screenshot showing how to upload videos to the Kapwing Studio using a link.

YouTube doesn’t give you the ability to download Clips directly, so I recommend using Kapwing, a free online video editor. Copy the link to either the YouTube Clip you want to save, or to the video it came from, and head to the Kapwing Studio in your browser on any device. Paste the link in the URL bar, and the YouTube video will upload to the Studio’s timeline. Here, trim the ends of the video to the clip you want to use, then hit the Export Video button in the top right.

A screenshot of a YouTube video being clipped in the Kapwing Studio.

Since your clip will be under a minute long, it should process within 30 seconds or so. Once it’s ready, use the Download button to save it straight to your files, or share it to Instagram with the Instagram icon.

I hope this article brings you up to date with the new, evolving YouTube Clips feature! If you’re wondering about more ways to spread gaming content across social media channels, check out the Kapwing YouTube channel or read through some other articles on streaming and gaming content:

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