Converting your image from JPG to PNG gives two huge benefits: better quality and transparent backgrounds. There's tons of file converters that allow you to do this, but none make it easy to remove the background.

Maybe you just want improved image quality, but if you want a tool that'll make full use of the PNG format, you've come to the right place. Kapwing's 'Remove Background From Image' tool converts file formats and gives you every tool you need to add transparency. Convert your JPG to a transparent PNG by following these steps:

  1. Upload your JPG to Kapwing
  2. Erase any part of the background
  3. Export and share

Step 1: Upload your JPG to Kapwing

Start by uploading your image to the Kapwing Studio or use the ‘Remove Background From Image’ tool.

If you’ve already saved your image, press Click to uploador you can drag and drop the JPG file. If you haven’t saved your image, find the image online and copy and paste the URL into the space that reads Paste an image or video URL.

Step 2: Erase any part of the background

To start erasing, look to the right side under ‘IMAGE’ and click ‘Erase’. If you opened the ‘Remove Background From Image’ tool, you can get started right away.

Now, there are two tools to help you remove the background. The first tool, ‘Erase’, gives you precise and intuitive control over what you remove. You can change the ‘Eraser size’ by sliding the dial on the right. Here’s what it looks like:

The second tool, ‘Magic Wand’, saves time and energy by removing groups of pixels that look similar. If you want to remove an area that is all one color, this tool works wonders. Also, you can change the ‘Sensitivity’ by sliding the same dial on the right (stick with a medium-low sensitivity). Here’s what it looks like:

For extremely precise erasing, you can adjust the zoom at the top right and select ‘Move’ to find the exact pixel you need to delete. If you make any mistakes, simply hit the undo or redo arrows at the top right.

Step 3. Create and download

Now it’s time to finish and download your PNG file. Click ‘DONE’ and head back to the studio where you can add backgrounds, memes, watermarks, text, etc. to create the finished product.

When you’re finished, look to the top right and click ‘Publish’ and Kapwing’s kittens will do the rest!

Finally, click ‘Download’ on the right and your image will be saved as a PNG file! Whether you just needed to remove the background or create an entirely new piece of work, Kapwing makes creativity easy for you and all your endeavors!

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