How to Clip on Twitch

With Twitch Clips, users can share the best moments from streams in a matter of minutes. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to clip on Twitch then make additional edits with Kapwing.

How to Clip on Twitch

At any given moment, a staggering 2 million people have their gaze fixed on a screen while Twitch streamers put on an entertaining broadcast. These committed viewers get to react to mishaps and jaw-dropping moments in real-time for a thrilling viewing experience.

Twitch Clips help streamers and viewers watch, share, and relive those unbelievable moments all over again. With no video editing experience, users can cut out the best moment from a lengthy stream that has Clips enabled. In this article, I'll show you how to clip on Twitch, then add any finishing touches with an online video editor. In the end, you'll have a video with viral potential for social media!

  1. Find a Twitch video
  2. Open the Clip feature
  3. Publish the Clip
  4. Edit Twitch Clip (optional)

Step One: Find a Twitch Video

Head over to Twitch in your browser and open your profile or the homepage of your favorite streamer. From the channel page, click Videos and find a stream you want to clip. You can use the dropdown menu to browse through past broadcasts, highlights, and more.

Step Two: Open the Clip feature

After you select a stream, scan the video and place the seeker at the beginning of the moment you want to clip. With the stream paused, place your mouse over the video player, then click the clip icon in the bottom right corner. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut, alt + x to open the Twitch Clip feature.

Drag the ends of the blue slider to select a portion of the stream to serve as your clip. Your Twitch clip can be as short as 5 seconds or up to 60 seconds long.

Step Three: Publish the Clip

After you've selected the perfect section to serve as your share-worthy clip, click the bar at the bottom to give your video a title. Try to think of a short, compelling title so users across platforms are eager to click the play button. There's currently a 100 character limit to work with, and that includes spaces. To finally debut your clip, click the purple Publish button, and you're all set to share!

Step Four: Edit Twitch Clip (optional)

If you want to spruce up your Twitch clip, I recommend using Kapwing, an online video editor that works on any device. With Kapwing, you can add customized subtitles, a watermark to protect your content, eye-catching overlays, and more.

Head over to Kapwing in your browser, click Start Editing,  and paste the link to your Twitch clip into the Studio.

From here, you can resize your clip to fit on a desired platform by choosing an output size on the right side of the Studio. For TikTok, Instagram Stories, and Reels, resize your video to 9:16. A 16:9 aspect ratio is best for YouTube. You can also use the crop tool to capture the best portion of the video.

To make your clip more accessible click, Subtitles at the top of the Studio, then select a language from the dropdown menu. There are a ton of languages to choose from to support a diverse audience. Afterwards, click Auto-generate to automatically add the captions. This shouldn't take too long since the video is really short.

Read over your captions to check for any misspellings or incorrect words, then begin customizing your captions. You can change the font, size, color, and background to something that's more on brand or fun. I would avoid cursive fonts since they tend to be hard to read and I recommend using a font color that contrasts from the background. When you're finished editing, click the red Done button.

If you have any logos, watermarks, or overlays to add, you can drag and drop them into the Studio or click upload to add your files into the media library. You can drag the blue corners to change the size and move the image across the canvas to put it in place.

Make sure to drag the ends of the layer to match the length of the video if you want it to appear for the entire duration. The Elements tab is my go-to tool for finding backgrounds and arrows, circles, and fancy text to support annotations. When you're finished click Export Video at the top to save and share your Twitch clip!

If you share a Twitch clip made with Kapwing on social media, be sure to tag us @Kapwingapp on Twitter and Instagram so we can see. We're always searching for Kapwing creators to support! For more Twitch articles, check out the related tutorials below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content.

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